Chapter 33 - Please

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Juliet's POV:

He dropped the knife on the floor as still our gazes were attached. "How, can you do that- to your own son" I gulped.

"Hes not my son, he never was" His words shook me and the still half conscious Justin on the floor as i grabbed my phone and rang for an ambulance. Thats when his father fled, thats when i ran over to Justin.

"I told you - to stay in the car" He coughed.

"You and i both knew i wasnt going to just sit there and im lucky i didnt" I said as i ran in to the bathroom to grab some towels, rushing back over to him as i tried to stop the blood from coming out even more, firstly taking off his shirt.

"Helps on the way okay?" I said as i kissed his lips, his colour soon fading once more. All he could do was nod.

"I never imagined this" He laughed as i climbed on top of him so i could put more pressure on the wound.

"You manage to laugh in a situation like this?"

"Its not the first time its happened" I gulped. Slowly his eyes started shutting so i started tapping his face and kept talking to him.

"Do they get a lot of crimes in his hotel?" He nodded. "Well they're gonna have one hell of a cleaning job" He laughed. "Please stay with me" I mumbled as i pressed my forehead against his.

"I cant believe he did this" He muttered.

"Dont think about that okay? Just think about getting better, your gonna make it Justin okay?" This cant be happening.


As we reached the hospital Justin needed to have an operation straight away, i was pacing up and down the hallways all while it went on. "Um miss Lawson?"

"Oh yes?" I said, jumping from my seat.

"Mr Bieber is recovering, the op went well, he should wake up soon, you may go in and see him but be careful with him, he cant have his heart rate going up." I nodded.

"How come i recovered more quickly?" I asked him.

"Justin was injured in the lower part of his stomach where as yours was more to the top, thats why it didnt effect your baby" I nodded.

"Thanks" I mumbled.

"Welcome" He grinned and walked off with his clip board.

Hours passed before Justin woke up so i decided to have a nap in the chairs, they were extremely uncomfortable but i slept. As i woke up i noticed Justin was too awake and to my surprise he'd been awake a few hours.

"Hey" I mumbled as i stepped in the room.

"Lock the door" He told me.

"No way what if someone wants to get in"

"I dont care i want a cuddle so lock the door" I sighed and did what he said. "Now close the blinds."

"Justin if i get in trouble for this im blaming you" He just laughed as i closed them all, it was pretty dark in there so he turned on the small light by his bed.

He slowly moved over after a lot of groaning. "No Justin, the doctor told me to stay back i could hurt you" He sighed.

"I really could do with a cuddle" I sighed and gave in after walking over towards him and laying on the bed with him.

"I thought i lost you"

He laughed "You kept me alive, i hope you know that" I smiled at him. "I love you" 

"I love you too" I giggled as he wrapped his arms around me. 

"Babe i dont bite" He chuckled.

"I just dont wanna hurt you" I sighed.

"If you hurt me i'll tell you, okay? its not the first time this has happened, i know how to deal with it" I nodded as i put my arms over his chest. "We'll put my dad in prison" He mumbled.

"Justin you dont- i mean"

"We need too, i dont trust him anymore, i didnt think he could actually do this"

"By the way i called your mom and shes on her way up here" Justin sighed.

"You didnt have to do that"

"Shes your mom, she has to know Justin"

"I just want time with you" 

"Im all yours" I smiled.

I actually fell asleep in Justin's arms because of the crappy nights sleep i had out on that chair but i woke up to kisses on my neck and jaw. "Justin" I mumbled.

"Mhmm?" He smirked as i opened my eyes to see his beautiful face. "Morning babe" He chuckled.

"What time is it?"

"8pm, you slept for two hours" 

"Oh my, you could have woken me, im sorry" He just laughed.

"Your cute when your sleeping, i just watched.

"Creep" I giggled.

"Your creep" He smiled, kissing my head, and then to my cheek and to my lips which he pecked a few times before his tongue asked for entry which i gladly accepted. As mine and Justin's kiss got more passionate, he seemed like he did too. A few minutes in to the kiss he grabbed my hand and placed it over the buldge in his boxers, the only thing he was wearing actually.

"Justin" I mumbled against his lips.

"Help, please?" He said back through breathes, when i really pulled away thats when i noticed his heart rate had really gone up.

"Fuck Justin!" I screamed.

"Babe calm down" He chuckled. "You did that"

"I got warned of this, shit, if you think im touching your dick while your attached to this thing you got another thing coming"

"Unplug it"

"Thats illeagal"

"Babe pleasee" He whined.

"Justin im not sure if your aware but you got stabbed not that long ago and you've had a major operation, any higher that thing will send a warning to the staff"

"Then how am i supposed to take care of this?" He groaned.

"Not my problem" I giggled.

"Bitch" He muttered.

"Hey, i saved your life earlier, you should be the one repaying me"

"Fine pull your pants down and-"

"Justin!" I shrieked. "Im not having sex with you either!" 

"Your so boring"

"Im not boring, im just caring, talking about caring, we've been in here for more than two hours and no ones come to check on you"

"Oh they did when you were asleep but i told them it was okay" I nodded. "But can you go and get a nurse now please"


"Because i have a problem and i need to go to the bathroom"

"Ew fine" I said as i hopped up off the bed to unlock the door to go find a nurse.




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