Chapter 29 - Truth and death

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Juliet's POV:

"Your quiet" Justin told me as he hands rubbed my sides, i flinches. "Babe, whats wrong?"

"Nothing its just me and Adam had an argument the other day" I told him, it had been 3 days since it happened and i only had 4 days left here.

"He hurt you?!" Justin bouced up from his laying position "I swear i fhe put a fucking hand on you-!"

"Justin, no" I told him, pulling him back down. "Hes getting suspicious" Justin sighed. "And i've got four days left here"

"Please stop reminding me" He sighed "I've been thinking and i know you dont want to loose your best friend but your gonna have to choose, me or him, i fucking hate knowing he still gets to touch you because i know i want you to be mine, all mine and i know you probably dont trust me, but i swear i wont fuck it up again, i was a dick and-"

"Justin i trust you" I mumbled as i laid on my front, running my fingers through his hair. "Your hairs so soft"

"My hair is not soft" He chuckled.

"Do you use conditioner?"

"Pfft, no, thats for girls, i use shampoo"

"Dont be ashamed to use conditioner" I giggled. "Boys can use it too"

"Babe i use soap"

"Well your hair is incredibly soft and it smells nice" He chuckled as i pulled my gaze away from looking at his hair to him, smiling. "Whats so funny?"

"You" He smiled as his arms wrapped around my waist.

"Your adorable" I giggled.

"Im not adorable, you know im sexy"

"No your cute and adorable"

"Im not a fucking teddy bear babe"

"Your my teddy bear" Smiling, i pecked his lips.

"More" He mumbled, pouting.

"Your also a pig" I giggled, pressing my lips against his again.

"So im a pig and a teddy bear?" He remarked.

"Mhm" I mumbled, grinning.

"I love you" He whispered against my lips, looking in to my eyes.

"I love you too" We both smiled at each other before connecting our lips together in a passionate kiss. No words could describe how much i loved him. They do always say if you love someone, let them go, if they come back to you, their yours.


Tomorrow we were going home. Back to france. All this time Justin has been on about choosing between him and Adam. If choosing Justin meant keeping friends with Adam i'd do it but its not that simple.

Meanwhile Rose, Justin, Adam and I sat in the living room in my hotel room, me resting on the kitchen counter as Rose and Justin sat opposite on the sofas, Adam next to Rose.

"So Rose, what did you want?" Adam asked as i was about to open my mouth someone knocked on the door.

"I'll get it" Rose sighed and got up to answer it, Jason came strolling through.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Justin spat.

"I could ask you the same question, i think i'd know the answer if Adam wasnt here"

"What is he talking about?" Adam glared at me as i glared back at Jason, shaking my head.

"Oh, still clueless are we ?"

"Dont" I mouthed at Jason.

"Arent you wondering where your girls been the past two weeks?"

"What?" Adam asked.

"Shes been with Justin" I sighed and hung my head down as Justin did the same.

"And how would you know?" Rose, still standing at the door walked over to glance at the picture, the same picture that got sent to me.

"Oh and thats not it, they're been to restaurants, in my club, the beach and even skinning dipping in the early hours of the morning, nothing gets by me"

"You fucking dick!" I screamed at Jason.

"Aw babe dont have a go at me, your the one that agreed to have sex with me"

"You did what?!" Justin yelled.

"He said he knew and he would shut up about if if i had sex with him!"

"You didnt need to fucking have sex with him! You could have just told-"

"Oh and that would have made it a whole lot better!" I yelled back.

"Fuck this shit" Adam said, getting up as he stormed out of the room, Rose chasing after him as in the meantime Justin was beating the fuck out of Jason.

"Justin!" I screamed. "Your gonna kill him!"

"And you care? He fucking raped you!"

"Excuse me, i have evidence that she agreed to me, i even have our sex tape if you would like to see it" Another punch.

"You filmed it?!" I screamed.

Eventually Justin stopped, only to storm off, leaving me in tears and a bloody Jason lying on the floor. "You actually are sick in the head!" I yelled.

"Oh c'mon babe you and i both know you liked it"

"You've ruined everything, literally everything" I screamed as i picked the wine bottle up, just as he stood up i hit him round the head, causing him to collapse and fall to the ground.

I cant have.

Killed him.


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