Juliet's POV:

It annoyed me as Adam told me i had to wait for my present, still curious of what it was but i was going to have a good time with him and Rose tonight, but then Rose saw something as soon as we stepped inside the club that turned her away.

"I think we should go to a different club" She yelled over the loud music.

"Why?" I asked, she sighed, not wanting to tell me a reason.

"Fine lets just have fun" Walking over to the bar, already slightly tipsy as Rose got me drunk before we even came here, i sat on a bar stool, facing the crowds.

"Oi sexy, whats your name?" I heard from behind the bar, the accent i recognized. I swiftly looked, seeing no Rose or Adam with me as i turned around to face the man that had called me.

As i went to reply to him it shook me but he simply wasnt phased by my appearence at all. "How fucking dare you" I spat.

"Woah babe-"

"Dont fucking call me that again!" I spat.

"Someones a bit moody tonight"

"Dont fucking play that game with me Justin"

Jason's POV:

Funny, she thinks im Justin. What fucked up situation did he get himself in to this time.

"Sorry babe, you seem tense, want a drink?"

"I actually cant believe you here, like i havent seen you in two years and you just pop up and act like nothing happened, i want you to know that i hate you, so much, i cant even explain how much i want you dead" That can be arranged.

"Im sure we can sort this out" I grinned, leaning over the bar, closer to her.

"You had your chance Justin and you blew it"

"I wouldnt fucking bite my head off again unless you want me to fuck you on this bar against your will, alright?" I growled as she took a step back, gulping as she turned around and walked away.

"Oi Justin!" I yelled as my brother walked through in to the bar from his office.

"What? Im busy"

"Some of your junk just threw herself in my face and bit my head off, she rambled on about some shit and quite frankly im confused, i dont care wether she was a one night stand or whatever but she needs to calm the fuck down, i did warn her but maybe you should tell her to get lost yourself"

"Junk?" He repeated.

"Shes over there" I pointed to her, "talking to some brown haired girl."

Justin's POV:

My Juliet. Rose. They were here. "Juliet" I mumbled as Jason looked at me.

"Oh thats her, shes got some fine ass on her"

"What the fuck did you say to her?"

"Like i said, i just warned her,"

"Fucking hell" I growled at him.

"You gonna go talk to her? Or not" I sighed, i had to. I had to talk to her.

I slowly walked over and tapped her on the shoulder, she turned and stared at me with evil eyes. "What do you want now?!" She yelled. "And how the fuck did you change clothes so quickly"

"Listen uh can we talk, outside?" I said, struggling to hear her.

Rose just stared at me. "Please" I begged as she nodded, following me outside. "Listen i-"

"That was out of order what you just said back-"

"Shutup! That wasnt me!"

"What do you mean that wasnt you?!" She yelled.

"I have, a um, i have a twin" I mumbled.

"Y-You have a twin" She asked blankly.

"Jason, the rude one" I scratched the back of my neck, looking her up and down. "Yeah, twins"

"And when were you going to tell me about this?!" She screamed.

"Its complicated"

"How am i supposed to tell you apart?" I shrugged.

"I was hoping you'd know" I chuckled as she just simply stared at me before she rolled her eyes and began to walk back in the club when i pulled her back. "Happy birthday" I told her as she weakly smiled and walked back inside.

Fucking hell.

"Oh Julie i love you, i always have, im sorry for all my mistakes, dump your boyfriend and go back out with me" No.

I cant do that.


Juliet's POV:

Seeing Justin, just talking to him made me feel sick, hurrying back inside as Rose grabbed me. "What did he say to you?"

"He said, he had a twin" Rose sighed. "You knew?!"

"Yeah, like i said me and Justin go back"

"Fucking hell am i the only clueless one here?! Wheres Adam?"

"Hes gone back to the hotel room, he was about to throw up" She grinned "And i think we should go back there too"

"No, its my birthday i wanna enjoy myself" I smirked, wondering back over to the bar.

After Rose gave up trying to stop me drinking she let me be, i noticed Justin's eyes on me the whole night and i felt put out when he was talking to Rose, about what, i dont know, so i decided to butt in.

Justin's POV:

"You've just fucked her mind up Justin"

"Excuse me for my arrogant brother fucking it up!"

"Shes drinking like this because of you, last time she was like this was when we got to france, yet because of you, she has a fucking alcohol problem and she wont listent to me so why dont you-"

"Are you talking about me?" Both and Rose looked at Juliet, stumbling as she grabbed hold of the bar for support.

"No" Rose said straight back.

"Im taking you with me" I told her.

"Woah, shes going back to her hotel room" Rose spat.

"I'll return her to you in the morning, like you said shes not listening to you, tell Jason im leaving early."

"Let go of me!" She screamed as i grabbed her arms.

"I dont think so babe" I sighed, picking her up as i threw her over my shoulder.

"You could get done for this! Assult! You know this is bad Justin! You cant kidnap people!" She screamed, hitting my back as i walked through the streets with her after Rose told me the hotel, i was quite lucky as Jason owned that hotel so i decided to stay in his room which i had the key on me for.

"Put me down!" she screamed "People are looking!"

"People are looking at you because your drunk and your screaming like a baby so if you'd like to calm down it wouldnt be such a problem"

"I hate you" She mumbled.


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