Juliet's POV:


Now everyone hates mondays. I tried to make myself ill so i didnt have to go in but that failed so here i was, on my way to school. 

The comments continued over the weekend, no sign of Justin either, i was getting messages about where he was. Of course, i had no idea.

I was in the hallway, getting my books out of my locker, trying to avoid everyone, the principle speaking on those loud speakers that was doing my head in. As i slammed my locker the voice changed and everyone stopped moving.

"Juliet Lawson" I heard more than once and there was no mistaking that voice. Chantel looking at me with beady eyes.

"I havent got long so you better be listening, im a dick, im more than a dick, if you never want to forgive me then thats cool but im gonna keep chasing you like i always do, your not a nerd to me, your not ugly either, i've seen you in the mornings with no makeup and messy hair, when you try your best to dress up for me, wearing nothing" He paused as i blushed. "But your beautiful, inside and out, you've got the best personality and as we all know i havent, maybe i am bipolar, and i know that side gets the best of me sometimes but i dont mean what i say, i never mean it, i was a fool for leaving you like that, i dont want to be popular, i was telling the truth, it just hit me too hard, i dont care about what people think of me i just want you to know that, i- i love you"

I gulped as i heard them words spill from his lips. "Come meet me, now" He didnt even have to say the place name to know where i was going, throwing everything i had in to my locker apart from my phone and running off to the green. Butterflies filled my stomach as i knew everyone in the school had heard that speaker.

As i slowed my pace, i just quickly walked, he was already stood there, waiting as i now stood in front of him i just saw him smile.

"Did you mean it?"

"Mean what?" I hit him. "Ow"

"You know what" I glared at him.

"Look look adorable when your angry"

"Justin! I've been humiliated in front of the whole school! The whole of youtube has seen me! I read the comments too Bieber so no i dont forgive you, not for a second-"

"I really love you" He whispered, stopping me mid- sentence.

"Good because i love you too" I replied as he smiled, slowly connecting his lips with mine as he cupped my face, my arms around his neck as he brough his down to my waist, not breaking our passionate kiss.

"Do you mean it or are you just saying it?"

"I mean it, only if you do" He nodded.

"I used to hate you" He admited.

"Same" I chirped

"I never thought i'd say i love you to you, anyone, but you"

"Thanks" I said sarcastically.

"But im glad its you and im glad you love me too, i meant everything i said on that speaker and i couldnt hold it in, i had to tell everyone, i cant apologize enough for how much i've hurt you, it pains me to see you cry, its even worse knowing that i did it, you dont have to be insecure or cut anymore, i felt awful, i felt sick after you said that too me, i hate myself for that, i could have shot myself, thats how much i care about you" He said, his forehead pressed against mine. "And i dont care about other peoples opinions, only yours because you are only mine"

"If you dont care so much how about we go and show them?"

"What are you waiting for?" He chuckled, wrapping his arm around my shoulder as we walked out into the public, we had 5 minutes before our first lesson started.

Everyone was staring, especially Chantel. Justin stopped me right in front of her, whispering in my ear. "How about we make her jealous" I felt bad but she really hurt me, more than it could have possibly hurt her. She didnt get humiliated in front of the whole school.

Justin grabbed me by my waist roughly, smashing his lips against mine, not caring who looked at us, the way it should have been from the start. Then we heard a cough, breaking away as we looked at May.

"This is new Bieber" She glared at me.

Justin wrapped his arms around me and just stared at her. "Just go away May"

"I wasnt planning to stay" She rolled her eyes and walked off.

"Ignore her" Justin whispered in my ear.


"Justin you shouldnt be here" I growled, closing my balcony door as he strolled through and planted himself on my bed.

"Cant i visit my girlfriend?" He winked and scrolled through my phone.

"Both my parents are downstairs" I spat.

"So? we'll just keep it down now come and cuddle" He says, putting my phone down and holding his arms out.

"Seriously they can walk in any second" I say, ignoring his request.

"Lock the door then" He shrugged as i sighed and walked over, locking it. "Now get your little ass over here" 

"Little?" I giggled.

"Okay well your ass isnt that little, just come here for a cuddle im lonely" He chuckled, holding his arms up once more as i giggled and quickly hurried over, jumping on the bed and crawling next to him as he wrapped his arms around me and pressed a simple kiss on my lips.

"Your so adorable"

"That makes a change from ratface and everything else you used to call me"

"I didnt mean it" He said, tucking a stand of hair behind my ear so it was out of my face. "I can never take back what i did and what i said, i always manage to fuck things up and-"

"Whats the real reason you came here Justin?"

"I uh, you see.."

"Spit it out Justin" I growled, getting impatient.

"Me and my mom had like a massive fight and i just cant like stay there tonight" 

"Oh, cant you stay at Ryan's or Chaz'?"

"No" He said bluntly. "Ryan hates me"



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