Juliet's POV:

"Adam what are you doing?!" I gasped as he lit a cigarette. "You dont smoke!" I screamed.

"Justin does and you seem to like that you also seem to like the way he disses you and treats you like crap sometimes"

"Adam" I sighed "Look i thought you invited me here to talk about something important if Justin sees us or even finds out then its over, i only agreed to come to tell you i love Justin and i dont want you like that"

"Why fucking not?! I did everything for you! Everything! Everytime he fucked up you'd come to me and i'd let you in every time, so i thought maybe its my attitude, maybe i should change"

"I liked you the way you were god sakes"

"Oh really? Thats why you kept going back to him"

"I have this connection with him that i dont feel with anyone else Adam and he has that too!" I yelled "We love each other, i love you but as a friend, what we had was fun, but to be honest even when we did go out, i missed him, i never got over him, i didnt say anything because thats all we argued about" I mumbled the ending.

"I love you, like really love you Julie, i always have, i never fucked you over in school, i've always been here" He mumbled as he walked over to me, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear as he looked down at me "Im in love with you" I seemed to have got lost in his words, but i zapped out of my trance when i felt his lips hit mine. Instantly shoving him off me.

"Im in love with Justin! Dont you get it?!" I screamed, thankfully we were only in a garage and not in public. I was back in france to collect the last of my things, but got stopped by Adam. "I wanted to be friends but clearly you cant even handle that" I rolled my eyes as i picked up my bag and walked out, he said and did nothing.


"Seriously whats wrong?" Justin asked, causing me to look up from my book and to him.

"Like i said before, nothing"

"Ever since you came back from france you've been avoiding me"

"Avoiding you? How have i been avoiding you?"

"When was the last time you read a book eh? What about everytime we cuddle you lay there like a piece of wood and even when i kiss you, you dont respond, you dont even flinch, what have i done wrong?" He asked.

"Justin" I sighed "Its not you and its got nothing to do with you"

"If its making my girl upset then its something to do with me" I got butterflies in my stomach as he said 'my girl'

"Please Justin" I sighed.

"No, im not letting you carry on like this, its clearly bothering you and i feel like its me because your taking it out on me" He said as he came and sat down on the bed, his eyes glued on me as i placed my book on the side.

"Its Adam"

"What happened?" I didnt even have to look at him to see he was angry, it was in his voice.

"When i was in france, he just said somethings.." I trailed off.

"Like?" He asked.

"That he loved me and stuff"

"And what did you say?"

"After he kissed me i told him to fuck off and i left-"

"He what?!" Justin half yelled.

"Kissed me" I mumbled.

"Fucking hell Juliet that was two weeks ago and you tell me now!"

"I pushed him off, i told him the truth, right from when i saw him, i told him i loved you"

"Thats not the point! He wont leave you alone! Even after i beat the shit out of him! Hes fucking asking for it now" 

"Justin dont" I said as i grasped his arm, stopping him from getting up from the bed. "Please dont do anything you'll regret" 

"I wont regret it" He clenched his jaw as i just looked at him.

"Please, just come lie down"

"Not if your gonna be like a piece of wood"

"Justin it was just bothering me because i wanted to be friends with him and we've fucked that up now too"

"He fucked it up" Justin growled.

"I've just lost him, thats the only reason why i've been distant from you, im sorry, i didnt want to hurt you, i knew if i told you you'd do this, please just calm down"

"I just want my baby back" Justin sighed as he laid down, wrapping his arms around me as i did the same. "You know i love you, right?" I nodded.

"You tell me everyday"

"Thats because i dont want you to forget it" He said as he kissed my head. "We're gonna be alright, i promise" I nodded.


Justin's POV:

"Does Juliet know your doing this?" Jason asked me.

"What do you think?" I rolled my eyes.

"You cant actually go to france" He sighed.

"Im going and theres no way you can stop me, Adam needs to leave her alone so im gonna finish it"

"Woah, your gonna finish him off?"

"Well depends" I shrugged as i finished packing my stuff.

"You cant do it, im coming with you"

"No your gonna stay here and look after Julie, i dot trust her on her own,"

"And where are you gonna be?"

"On a business trip"

"Fuck Justin i cant run the club on my own"

"You got the waitresses and Julie can help you" I shrugged at him.

"Gee Justin you've never.. y'know.."

"First time for everything"

"I dont want you to regret it, how can you do it on your own? Your gonna need help"

"I got people Jason i dont need you, okay? Please just look after Julie"

"Look after me for what?" Both our heads turned to Juliet standing in the door frame. Shit.


Will he kill him?


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