Chapter 44 - The funeral

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Justin's POV:

"Justin i dont think you should be going, Adam's parents will be there as well as his family, they're not going to want to see you" Jason blurted out.

"I dont give two shits, im free, i didnt do it, Julie needs me there so im going" I said as i put my tie on and my blazer. "Do i look alright?"

"Yeah yeah you look fine now get out there you girls waiting" He chuckled 

"Justin!" I heard her scream from the bottom of the stairs.

"Coming!" I yelled back. "See you later" I sighed as i ran down the stairs, catching up with Julie. "You okay?" I asked her as she faintly nodded. "I hope so" I weakly smiled at her, trying to cheer her up as i could tell she was far from okay.

Juliet's POV:

Literally everyone was staring as we entered the church and took our seats at the back of the room. I wasnt incredibly happy as both my parents were here and i was getting evil looks throughout.

I was crying already, by the time it came to my speech i was struggling to even get my words out but i managed it.

"Adam was my best friend, in fact he was more than that, he was everything to me, and i-i know sometimes we had our differences and i didnt always listen to him but he was a-always there for me and i-im so grateful for that, i couldnt have wished for anything better than him, i-i just wish i could spend more time with him as we wasnt exactly on terms when he-he died-" I managed to say through my tears, snuffling and stuttering on my words. 

I had to rush off the platform and over to Justin where he wrapped her arms around me, kissing my head. "Im so sorry" He mumbled in my hair as i let my tears flood.

"I-I cant do this" I sighed as i stood up and walked out, Justin hot on my heels as he followed. "Open the car" I spat as i tugged on the door, he didnt say a word as he unlocked it and i sat inside. "Its all my fault, if i didnt push him away, if i didnt argue with him t-then-!"

"Shh Julie, none of it was your fault okay? It was Chantel and you damn well know that" He huffed.

"S-Sorry for taking it out on you" I sniffled.

"I understand, its okay, lets go somewhere"

"Justin my mascaras run, i look a mess and my best friend is currently getting burried"

"You look beautiful and where we're going, its going to be empty, i promise" I did my best to wipe it off with tissues, sadly i had no wipes.

We drove for not that long maybe 10-15 minutes but finally we arrived to a place i'd never seen before but it was beautiful.

"J-Justin" I stuttered as i got out the car, my movements were slow as i took everything in. There was one bench on its own, a rather large blossom tree above it, pink and white petals on the ground as a small lake sat opposite it.

"W-Where are we?"

"Just come" He grinned as i looked across the land, taking his hand in mine as we walked along.

"How did you find this?"

"My mom used to bring me here just to get away from things and i guess it really helped" He smiled as he sat on the bench, holding his arms out as i sat next to him, he snuggled up with my body, kissing my head. "Your the strongest girl i know" He mumbled.

"No im not"

"All the stress i put you through and now this, you've stayed and you've delt with it, if i were you and you did all that to me i'd be out that door in a second, thats only one reason why i love you out of the thousands, your my strong, beautiful angel" Kissing my cheek, he rubbed my stomach. "And one that we're going to have another beautiful angel together and he or she is going to be just like you"

"And you" I smiled at him as i turned my head, i saw him shaking it.

"I dont want our child to have anything from me or my family" He said quite sternly.

"Justin i think your going to be an amazing father, i've told you this before and i truely mean it, i want our child to have everything to do with you" 

"I want a boy frist and then a daughter so when our daughter gets hurt her older brother can stick up for her when her dad gets a bit too over the top" He chuckled as i nodded.

"That would be nice" I weakly smiled, just thinking about the future.

"Its gonna happen, i know it, i can feel it" I heard him say as i smiled towards his words, but i couldnt say the same.

"I love you" Was all i said back "Thank you" I mumbled.

"You dont have to thank me, i should be thanking you, you changed me Julie and im glad you did, you made me who i am today, all the times i fucked up i realized, your the one i cant loose, i love you too, really Julie im in love with you" I smiled to myself before i turned my head and pecked his lips.

"And i know you love me because you think im hot"

"Pfft yeah but theres a lot more too it"

"Yeah but thats one of the main reasons" I giggled. "And sex" I rolled my eyes as he chuckled.

"True" He smiled "Thats pretty hot too"

"Justin shutup im trying to have a cute moment"

"You brought it up baby" He laughed and poked my sides as i sighed.

"Why do you do this?" I giggled, sighing, i couldnt be annoyed with him.

"Do what baby?" He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"Justin!"  I shrieked as we laughed. "We're in a park!"

"No ones around" He whispered yet again.

"Justinn" I whined as i tugged his hands off me. "Can we go home?" I asked "Im tired" He smiled and nodded.

"C'mon princess" He said as he stood up, grabbing my hand. "We'll come here again one day, it worked, right?" I nodded, smiling.

"Thank you, for this"

"Anything for you" He smiled, kissing my head as his arm locked around my waist as we strolled back to the car.


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