Justin's POV:

"This isnt my room" She argued as i laid her on the bed.

"Well your sleeping here tonight, with me"

"Theres one bed dumbass"

"Your not 5 Julie im sure you can handle us in the same bed, its not like i bite" I said as i took off my shirt and my jeans as she intently stared at me.

"You got more tattoos" She mumbled as i walked over to her.

I laughed slightly. "Good observation" She weakly smiled, holding her arms up.

"Im not sleeping in this dress" She growled.

"Can you undress yourself?" All she managed to do was kick off her heels, her arms still up in the air, i rolled my eyes and pulled her up to her feet as she struggled to stand.

"I-Im alright" Her voice shook as i went behind her and pulled down the zip of her dress until it fell in a pool by her feet, she fell back on the bed, now only in her bra and panties, her eyes glued on me.



"Come here" She mumbled as i stood in ffront of her, she quickly sat up and pulled me down so i was hovering over her, the cute little smile on her face that i'd missed so much.

"Make love to me" She little voice said as she ran her fingers down my chest. "Please" She whispered, i was a little unsure at first until she pressed her lips against mine, i could taste the alcohol straight away but i was used to it.

As our makeout session got more heated, i unclapsed her bra strap but then i couldnt go any further as i pulled back. Just looking down on her. "Justin?" She mumbled.

"I cant do it" I said as i pressed my forehead against hers. "Its not right, your drunk, i want you to remember this night, not be clueless in the morning, im not that evil, this wont mean the same to you as it does for me, you've got Adam"

"Why the fuck am i even here then?!" She said, pushing me off her as she sat up. "If you wanted me you would have chased after me, my bodys just not good enough for you Justin? You find those sluts more amusing? Just say that you dont wanna fuck me! You dont have to fucking tease me and let me drop!" She screamed as i leaned over her once more, pinning both her hands above her head as i leaned down to her lips.

"Dont you fucking say that again Lawson, i love your body, i love every single part of you, your the one that left me remember because of my fuck ups because im the one thats not good enough, you done fuck all wrong, trust me i would love to fuck you, right here, right now but i care about you, in the morning you'll thank me for this"

"I love you"

"No you dont, i love you and im the sober one saying it"

"The truth always comes out when your drunk" She mumbled as i stopped and looked in her eyes.

"I'll have a proper conversation in the morning while you take headache tablets and drink coffee" I said, letting her go.


Juliet's POV:

Waking up with arms wrapped around me and my head hurting like hell, i sat up rubbing it as i looked down to see Justin, my breathing got incredibly fast as i saw he was shirtless and so was i, but thankfully we both had our bottoms on. Question is how the fuck did i end up here. Last thing i remember was  Adam leaving the bar because he felt ill and now im in bed with my ex.

"Morning to you too" I heard Justin groan.

I wrapped all the covers round my chest which were near me as Justin just looked at me. "I need explainations, now, we didnt y'know"

"No, nearly though, you and your big mouth wouldnt shut up, i could have had you against that wall and you wouldnt even remember"

"My head hurts"

"Thats because babe you had too much to drink"

"Dont call me that" I spat. "I said explain"

"You were drunk so i took you back here"

"I mean everything" He sighed.

"Its gonna make your head worse so stay there while i get you a drink and some tablets" I nodded as he got up from the bed, i couldnt help but stare at him, he was perfect.  Shutup.

"Here" Justin said, passing me a hot chocolate and some pills.

"Thanks" I mumbled "Now would you explain please" He sat back down on the bed as he began.

"It was all true about my dad, and what happened to Jaxon, its just Jason was too, with me, Jase hates me, i hate him, nothing new, but it really started from this, we both saw dad and jaxon, both too scared to help him, but it was me my dad said i didnt mean it too, it was Jason he told wasnt going to get anywhere in life because i had the better grades so when my father did that, Jase chose to prove his dad wrong and now hes a criminal, me on the other hand denied it, Jase hasnt seen our mom in years, she tries to forget him, like hes not hers, yeah me and Jason are working together, but we try to avoid each other as much as possible, he wont drop his grudge against me, when you left me, it broke me, surprisingly Jase asked me to come here and i thought things were going pretty well until you showed up, i dont mean it in a bad way its just i cant get over you and seeing you last night, being able to kiss you felt right but it felt wrong also so i couldnt go through with it, after you said you loved me i didnt know what to think" He said, looking at me as i just blinked at him.

"Why didnt you tell me you had a twin"

"Because i dont want you anywhere near Jason, hes a murderer, he doesnt like being part of our family, thats exactly why he changed his surname to McCann, i always get taken down to the cells, mistaken for him, i tried to forget him like mom but i couldnt, mom still loves me, she comes down here to visit, i go and see her and visit, but Jason stays behind, i didnt want you hurt"

"I could have run in to him and thought it was you!"

"Well you kinda did" He chuckled as i hit his arm "Ow"

"Not funny Justin!" I sighed. "Can i borrow your shirt?" I asked, placing the empty mug on the side.

"Course" He said.

"Is this your room?"

"No, Jasons, he owns this hotel" Oh great. "We own the bar"

"What dont you own?" He laughed and threw me a shirt.

"Its my shirt, you can put it on" He laughed as i pulled it over my head, it smelt like Justin and i loved it.


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