Chapter 15 - Dreams

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Juliet's POV:

After telling Justin he can stay the night we just laid in each others arms and watched films, thankfully it was the holidays but we only got a week off. Just as we were falling asleep i hear my dads voice and a knock on the door.

"Juliet open this door now!" I shot up as Justin did also.

"Okay hold on i um im getting changed" I yelled as i pulled Justin off the bed.

"Im claustrophobic!" He whispered as i shoved him in a closet, shutting the door to it as i ran over and grabbed the key, unlocking my main door.

"Sorry i didnt want you walking in" I looked down.

"Its fine hun, i just wanted to say Chantel's on the phone" He said, handing it over.

"Oh thanks"

"If you need anything come and get it, me and your mother are going to bed now, night sweetie"

"Night dad" I smiled to him as i shut the door, locking it back up as Justin, breathing heavily fell out of the closet as i answered the phone.

"Hello?" I said.

"Fucking hell i was dying in there" Justin growled, trying to get to his feet.

"Oh your with Justin" I heard her say.

"Why'd you call?"

"I wanted to come round"

"Chantel its nearly 11pm, why the fuck do you want to come round?"

"To talk"

"We can talk on the phone." I spat back. "You certainly didnt want to talk to me earlier"

"I just want to-" I was cut away from her speaking as Justin grabbed the phone out of my hands.

"Juliet is busy with me right now" He said to her.

"Justin!" I screamed, trying to grab the phone from him.

"Why do i have to tell you what we get up to in our spare time? it involves a bed and-"

"Justin!" I yelled, trying to keep it down as my parents were only across the hall.

"Like i said we're busy, Juliet has no time to talk to you and quite frankly im sick of hearing your voice go fuck Bryce he can keep you entertained tonight, bye babe" He said and hung up.

"Justin that was so rude! Shes still my friend y'know!"

"Still friends? After how she humiliated you in front of the whole school, i swear if she tries to hurt you or she pulls a stunt like that again shes dead"

"Justin please" I begged, putting my hands on his chest and looking up to him. "I need to fix this with her and i cant have to butting in everytime"

"Fine but tonight your all mine" He said, pressing his forehead against mine.

"Justin my parents, i-i-"

"I just want to cuddle babe" He chuckled "We can have morning sex when they're at work" He chuckled as i hit his chest.


"What?" He laughed "Only if you wanna"

"What are you gonna wear tonight?" He shrugged as i pulled away from him, already in my pijamas i laid on the bed. He started stripping off as when he was down to just his boxers he got in and pulled the covers over us.

"Really?" I said, looking at him.

"Shut up i know you love it" He smirked, wrapping his arms around me as he pulled my small frame against his bare chest. 

It didnt take me long to fall asleep but then it didnt take long for me to wake up again to Justin mumbling in his sleep and i wasnt pleased by what i heard.

"Uh Chantel" He kept moaning as i clenched my fists.

Why was he having that sort of dream about fucking Chantel and not me? "Chantell" He whined as i couldnt take it anymore so i decided to do something about it.

It must have been around 4am when i first heard him and i was sick of it. I sat up on my knees, facing him as he was lying on his back, my hands under the covers, running it over his boxers, feeling his semi hard on as he moved around.

"B-Baby" He mumbled, not sure if he was talking about Chantel or me. I didnt respond to him as i slowly pulled down his boxers, his semi hard dick springing up as i wrapped my hand around it.

"Fuck" He panted as i wrapped my lips around the head, slowly going down on him as i could now tell he was awake. "Fuck Julie w-what are you doing" His voice shaky, i just ignored him and continused bobbing my head as he put his hand on my head and grabbed a hold of my hair, pushing me down more, gagging but i knew Justin liked it as all i could hear were moans.

"Fuck babe im gonna-" Before he could finish his sentence he came, swallowing it all as he tried to catch his breathe.

"W-What was that all about?" He panted.

"The next time you moan Chantel's name in your sleep you'll be out of here, clear?"

"Crap i cant even remember it, i just woke up and you- you- fuck, i didnt know i-i"

"Shutup i got mad"

"You should get mad more often that was just - amazing"

"You love me, right?"

"Yeah, i swear i dont know what happened babe, i love you and im sure if it was about you i'd be repeating those actions" He chuckled.

"Well you can re pay me later in the morning, because im tired so im going back to sleep" He chuckled.

"Can you do that to me more often to wake me up, that was so hot"

"Keep dreaming Bieber" He laughed as i giggled, kissing his cheek. I still wonder what made him think of Chantel because he clearly enjoyed it.


Does he still have feelings for Chantel?

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