Chapter 21 - Moving in

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Juliet's POV:

Me and Adam sat on the park bench, i laid my head on his shoulder, still aware of what i'd said earlier today.

"You want an ice cream?" He asked me as i nodded.

"Yes pleaseee" I whined like a puppy.

"What one?"

"Strawberry, 99,"

"Stay there and dont move" He chuckled.

"Where would i go?" I giggled.

Speaking too soon as i felt a hand over my mouth, picking me up and dragging me in to the bushes, from the lack of air i had i just passed out, my struggling movements stopped.


Waking up in quite a dark place, one window which was incredibly small didnt help much. "Hello?" I asked, my hand rubbing my head as it felt like a brick had been dropped on it, just then a light switch was turned on, seeing a blurred Justin. "J-Justin?" I gulped.

"I fucked up" Now, seeing him clearly, i stood up, slightly wobbly.

"Fucked up? Take me back Justin" I spat.

"No please, just hear me out" He said, walkng closer to me. "I love you, i really do, i dont know what was running through my mind and i know you probably hate me, well in fact i know you hate me but i want another chance because i need you, i know i may have creeped you out but what did you expect me to do?! You wouldnt talk to me, i love you and i need you to know that, i do some pretty messed up things when im drunk and that was one of them, im so stupid and i dont know why i did it because i lost the most important girl in my life"

"Almost" I mumbled.


"Almost lost" I whispered.

"Do you forgive me? Because i cant stand you with someone else, let alone him, it breaks my heart, please dont tell me hes asked you out already because-"

"Justin shut up" I giggled "I love you too" I smiled, pressing my lips against his as his arms wrapped around my waist.

"But if you ever pull a stunt like this again i will hang you, got it?"

"Im so glad your my girlfriend" He chuckled, hugging me tightly.

"Fuck Justin! Adam!"

"What about him?"

"I left him! You kidnapped me! Hes gonna be wondering where the fuck i am! I would text him but i dont know either"

"Fine" He sighed "C'mon, the parks not far from here" He said, grabbing my hand, pulling me out of the small shack which looked like it was in the middle of no where.


"Where did you go?!" Adam asked, meeting him back at home.

"You see, Justin- Uh"

"Justin, every fucking time its Justin! He just fucking took you!"

"He apologised"

"Would you like it if i took you away from him to apologise? I dont think so, i was worried sick and my texts or calls wouldnt go to you because you had no signal, so i guess its on again, right?"

"Adam" I sighed.

He rolled his eyes "What happened this morning? Were you planning it?!"

"No!" I screamed "Justin plays with my mind and i hate it! But i love him"

"He fucking bullied you, who stuck up for you? Me, he breaks your heart and whos there to fix it? Me, not him, me"

"Adam, i love him, i love you too, just like i said, its different"

"Im going to see how my moms getting on, moving in" He growled, grabbing his jacket. 

"Adam please i-" I got cut off by the door slam, seeing my mom in the doorway. "What?!" I half yelled before i stormed off up the stairs, to my room.

Only to be followed by both my mom and dad, "sweetie open the door me and your father have got to tell you something"

"I dont need relationship advice from you two" I spat.

"Its nothing to do with releationships, its about us, and well our business" I slowly got to my feet and opened the door, before i sat myself back down on my bed.

"Me and your father have an oppotunity, come up, for the both of us and it involves us moving away, to um france actually, by monday and you have the choice to come with us or, stay here"

"I-If i stayed where would i stay?"

"Im sure Adam's mom could take you in, possibly Justin" She shrugged.

"Im staying" I told them. "How long will you be gone for?"

"We're going to live out there" I gulped. "We'll come down for holidays and celebrations"

"Oh, right"

"You'll have to arrange that with them" I nodded.


"You want a drink?" Justin asked me as i walked through his front door, i shook my head as i sat opposite him on the stool.

"I need to ask you something"

"Go on"

"Well my parents are moving to france" I saw all the color drain out of his face within a second "Its for business"

"A-And what your moving too?" I shook my head.

"I was wondering if i could like live here, its cool, if not i can ask Adam and-"

"Your staying here" He chuckled, hopping off his seat as he wrapped his arms around me. "I'll talk to my mom, when are you moving in?"

"Monday" I bit my lip.

"Shit we go back to school then" I nodded.

"This is gonna be so fun" He grinned, sqeezing me tighter.

"Justin - air-"

"Oh sorry" He chuckled, pulling away, kissing my nose.

"Im annoyed with you by the way" I added on.


"Adam hates me"

"Oh he'll come round, we've got each other for now" I nodded, smiling.


It was all set, me moving in with Justin that is. Adam wasnt very happy about it but he said he'd live. I was alright with Adam right now i guess, he'd been trying to avoid the subject of 'love' when we both know he wants to talk about it.


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