Juliet's POV:

"Theres nothing going on between us, i promise" I told Adam as i sat next to him in the sand. "I wouldnt lie to you, you know that" I said as i took his hand in mine.

"I love you" He said as i smiled.

"I love you more" I giggled, wrapping my arms around him. "And on the plus side we've only got two weeks here of Justin" He nodded, staying silent.


It must have been around 1am when my phone started buzzing like crazy, all texts from Justin. I sighed and unlocked my phone to read them all, trying not to wake Adam or Rose.

'Please come meet me nowx'


'juliet this is not funny im fucking freezing,'

'Julie! wake upxxx'

'Im going to suffocate you in kisses when i get my hands on you'

'wake the fuck upx'

The last one was sent a minute ago, i was wondering how he got my number as i've changed phones numbers of times since i've been with him

'Its one in the morning, what do you want?x'


'this isnt funny everyones trying to sleep'

'babe i cant hardly go around with you in the day, come outside your hotel and go in to the alley, we're gonna go round town'

'fucking hell i cant believe your making me get dressed i'll be there in 10 x;

'grr hurry up im coldx'

'come inside dumbfuck x'

'i cant, people can only get out not in and Jason wont give me the damn keys so bring yours x'

'fine just wait x'

I seriously couldnt believe him right now. I threw on some jeans and a tank top, slipping shoes on and grabbing a jacket as i brushed my hair through, applied some foundation and mascara before i grabbed the keys and left the room, being as quiet as i could.

I walked in to the alley and immediately saw the smoke. "Still smoking ay?" I asked him as i could hardly see his face with just the street lamp, he just laughed. "You are Justin, right?"

"Of course i am idiot" He laughed as he put the cigarette now and involved me in a hug. 

"Shit you are cold" I giggled, feeling his cheeks against my hands as he nodded.

"Thats why we're going inside" He said and grabbed my hand.

"Inside where?"

"The club" He said as he pulled me a long. "Its just we've got to sneak you in to the office without Jason seeing you"

"Why cant he see me?" I asked.

"Because hes gonna expose our affair, Jason cant know, no one can know, alright?" I nodded. "So heres the plan, Jase is working at the bar, im gonna distract him and your gonna walk through in to my office, well run" I nodded.

I watched them both as i hurried in to the office, shutting the door as i took off my jacket as it was extremely hot in here. "We're alone" Justin smirked, locking the office door. "Gee its warm in here"

"Compared to outside it is" I giggled. "So Justin where do you actually stay?" I asked as he came and sat in his chair, i followed and sat on his desk.

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