Chapter 17 - truth or dare

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Juliet's POV:

We must have been in the bath only 10 minutes when Justin's phone rang and he seemed to get quite excited about the caller.

"When are you coming down?" He asked. "I havent seen you in years" He continued "I gotta go, talk to you later, - love you too" It felt like their conversation dragged on when really it didnt. Finally he hung up and put his phone on the side, wrapping his arms back around me in silence.

"So who was that?"

"An old friend, shes coming down, shes been traveling the world,"

"Oh, when she coming?" I asked him.

"Tomorrow" He chirped.

"Tomorrows my birthday Justin" I sighed, turning my head to face him.

"She can come round, right? I thought we could all have a party"


"Chaz, Ryan, Chantel.. maybe Rose" 

"Oh Rose is her name? Why would i let a stranger stay in my house Justin?""

"Shes not a stranger"

"Well to you shes not" I sighed and grabbed a towel, standing up and wrapping it round myself.

"Babe dont be like that, you'll love her"

"Yeah course" I rolled my eyes, not that he could see as i made my way back in to the bedroom.


"Uh yeah so would you like to come over? Ryan and Chaz are gonna be there, oh and Justin"

"Yeah sure" She chirped "I'll come, i really miss you, i cant apologise enough, i took it too far and-"

"Chantel its cool, i hurt you too so i dont blame you for doing what you did, come here today at 6, my dads on a business trip and my mom just text me saying shes meeting my dad up, so i have a free house"

"Okay sure, see you then" I smiled to myself and hung up.

"So shes coming?" Justin asked.

"Yeah" I replied bluntly.

"Fucking hell are you still in a mood because my old friends coming to visit? What dont you get about 'old friend' she knows i've got you, she knows i got a girlfriend that i love, she wont come near, okay?" 

I hated old friends. I know in books and movies when theres a couple and they're happy and everythings going right then a past friend comes in to play and everything blows up and its a wreck and i dont want that too happen. She cant be that bad, right?


"Truth or dare" 

"No" I spat.

"Why not?" Chaz replied, egar. "We've got nothing better to do and if i watch another film i think im going to fall asleep" I sighed.

"Fine" We all said.

"Who first?" Justin asked as we all sat in a circle.

"Lets go round, starting with Ryan and it can be any dares, or truths, clear?" Chaz actually brought bottles of alcohol so we weren't exactly sober but it will do.

"Truth or dare Ryan" Justin asked him.


"Oh oh i dare you to kiss Chantel" Chaz blurted out.

They did it with no problem its just now it was my turn "Truth or dare?" 


"I dare you to take off your shirt" Ryan smirked.

"Dares a dare, c'mon" Chaz hurried me, Justin didnt look to pleased as i glanced at him but i did it anyway, they're fucking lucky im wearing a bra.

All the boys had they eyes glued to my chest as Justin warned them with death glares. "Chaz, truth or dare?" I asked him.


"I dare you to make out with Juliet" If i was drinking anything i would have spat it everywhere.

"Shes got a fucking boyfriend" Justin growled at Ryan.

"Its not her dare" Ryan spat back. "And we said anything goes"

"Fine" I sighed as i crawled over to Chaz, sitting between his legs, he didnt look incredibly happy either but he just shrugged and pressed his lips against mine, his hands gripping my bare hips as our lips moved perfectly in sync.

"Okay i think thats enough" I heard Justin growl from behind as i came back in to realization of what just happened and i didnt regret it and by the look on Chaz's face after we pulled away he didnt either.

I took my place as we started the game up again. "Justin, truth or dare?"

"Truth" I was cringing in my place as i felt Chaz' eyes land on me.

"Is Juliet good in bed?" Chaz asked.

"Yup, its a shame your never gonna witness it though because shes mine" Justin smirked, wrapping his arms around me as i felt butterflies in my stomach, my cheeks glowing red.

"Chantel, truth or dare"

"Um dare"

"I dare you to kiss Juliet" We both shrugged and kissed, we'd kissed loads before, we didnt give a shit. 

It was like i could read Justin's mind when we pulled back and i felt a bit strange, one things for certain he liked it.

"Ryan, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to kiss Juliet" I gulped as Ryan didnt even need to be asked twice before i felt his lips crash against mine, thankfully it was just a quick peck because i could tell Justin didnt like it.

"Chaz truth or dare?"


"We dare you to do 7 minutes in heaven with Chantel" I took a sigh of relief when Ryan said Chantel and not me, Justin would have done is nut.

We sat in silence for seven minutes without them, Chantel giving me smirks as she sat back down, i could tell they made out and each other them enjoyed it.

"Truth or dare Julie?" she asked me.

"Dare" I gulped.

My dare involved alcohol, leading more more and more drinks, for everyone that is and eventually i guess we just fell asleep.


 Shorter chapter i know, sorry, i had the worst weekend ever


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