Juliet's POV:

"One date." He said.

"It will be fun" He said.

No, far from it.

The rest of the week was awkward, me and Ryan have hardly said anything since the night of the party and tonight is going to make it worse. I had to beg my parents to let me out tonight as it was a 'boy' they thought it would be cute for me to go to dinner with him, i was slightly hoping they'd say no, but unfortunetly not.

Chantel was super excited and i have no idea why, i had no idea even how Ryan felt about this. Once i'd done my makeup and straightened my hair i changed in to this; http://www.polyvore.com/business/set?id=101593282 I had to at least look decent and look actually bothered.

Justin was picking up Ryan and Chantel then me and we were going there in his car, so i could just wait. I definetly didnt want Justin or Ryan coming to my door so i watched out the window carefully.

"Oh mom they're here, im gonna go, love you" I said and quickly rushed out the door, slamming it.

I shot over to the car and hopped in the back next to Ryan. "That was quick" Justin said.

"Yeah well" I sighed, not bothering to continue my sentence. 

The car journey there was really silent, apart from a few words said to each other. Justin didnt look incredibly happy when Chantel was practically lying on him. When we got to the restaurant everything went downhill.

If it wasnt for the fact Justin sat directly opposite me then it wouldnt have been as big as a problem. Well Ryan started it.

"Before we go inside can i um talk to you?" Ryan said as he pulled me away from Justin and Chantel.

"Uh yeah sure" I said, following him in to an alley.

"Im um uh really like you, its just since the party, i know i havent been talking to you im just like embarassed, Justin knows i really like you too, thats why he arranged this, if you want to go its fine i-" 

"Ryan i like you too" I had to say it, i couldnt let the rest of the evening be awkward.

I caused a big smile to spread across his face, a fake one on mine.

Back to the table organisation, Justin was sat next to Chantel opposite me while Ryan was next to me. It wasnt long until Justin started kicking me and trying to get my attention without Chantel or Ryan noticing.

I picked my menu up as Justin did, facing it so Ryan or Chantel could see us. "Stop it" I mouthed.

"Can we go to the bathroom?" He asked as i shook my head.

"What do you wanna order?" Ryan asked as i put the menu down.

"Um i'll have a pepperoni pizza" I told him "And a coke thanks" I said.

As we all ordered and waited for our dinner it was like Chantel and Justin were attached at the hip and it was making me want to throw up. Even the fact when they were kissing Justin was flirting with me.

Ryan made me laugh a lot so i didnt really mind but Justin clearly did. "Im going to the bathroom" I announced as i stood up and pulled my dress down as i quickly walked away. My god.

"Hey" I sighed as i heard his voice, i span around on my heels to face him.

"You shouldnt be in the ladies bathroom's Bieber, what if someone walks in?" I rolled my eyes at him.

"Dont roll your eyes at me" He spat and walked over to me. "What did Ryan tell you earlier?" He asked.

"Thats between me and Ryan" I told him.

"Oh really?" He said as he pushed me in to a stall and locked the door behind him. "Go on babe i know your jealous of Chantel"

"Im not jealous why would i be jealous of her? Shes fucking attached to your hip, its like she cant get enough of you, its pathetic"

"So your watching" He chuckled

"Its hard to avoid it definetly when your touching my leg" I spat.

"You wanna tell me what Ryan said?"

"You know what he said" I told him.

He looked confused for a minute until he sparked up. "He told you he liked you, didnt he?" I nodded "Well i can guarantee i like you more" He said, smashing his lips against mine as i hit the wall, thank god there was no one else in this bathroom.

"Your girlfriends out there" I mumbled in between kisses.

"Aka your best friend" He told me, re connecting his lips with mine as his hands found the buttons on my shirt as he undone them, my shirt falling to the floor.

"Justin not in here" I sighed.

"I need you now" He mumbled against my lips as my fingers worked on the buttons of his shirt, not breaking our kiss once. Once his shirt was off i pressed my hands against his abs as i felt him smile in to the kiss.

"This still for fun?" I questioned him, he shrugged.

"Not for me" He pulled away and smiled.

"Juliet?!" I gasped as i heard Chantel's footsteps walking in to the bathroom.

"Shit" I muttered as we picked out clothes from the floor.

"Yeah im um in here, one sec!" I yelled back.

"You've been gone ages, do you know where Justin is?!" She replied as i stare at Justin he was shaking his head as he done up his shirt.

"Um no, he might be outside y'know smoking" I told her as i glared at him as i done up the last button on my shirt before opening the door and walking out.

"Sorry i thought i lost my phone and i like panicked, lets go back out" I told her as i basically shoved her out the bathroom door.

I took my seat next to Ryan again and we just waited for Justin, he returned shortly after and took my lie that i said in the bathroom.

"You need to stop smoking" Chantel told him, exactly what i've said 100 times before. Justin just shrugged it off.

The rest of the night we were giving each other looks and we badly needed each other.



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