Juliet's POV:

I sat in the bath, sobbing. Not sure wether to drown myself. Then i heard a knock on the door. "Julie, its Jase, can i come in? I just want to talk to you, you can cover up, can we just talk?"

"Come in" I mumbled as i brought my knees up to my chest as he opened the door, closing it as he walked over and sat on the floor, next to the bath tub. "Justin send you up here?" He nodded as i sighed.

"Hes downstairs taking some tablets-"

"You sure its not drugs?" I asked

"No hes got a headache and then hes going to lie down, i told him to apologise to you, he will, in his own time, trust me he didnt mean anything he said"

"Why are you defending him? Why the fuck have you even been on my side all day?"

"Because i like you" He laughed "Your the best girlfriend he's ever had and i want to keep it that way, i may not like him much but your a pretty decent girl even though you have wacked me round the head with a bottle, i like you"

"Thanks" I weakly smiled.

Then the door burst open as we both looked up and saw Justin. "Fucking hell now your trying to do my brother, thanks" Justin said.

"Woah hold up, nothings going on, you told me to go and talk to her" Jason burst out, defending the both of us.

"Well get out because i want to talk to her and by get out, i mean out of my house, go home"

"Whatever, Julie if you need me call me, you've got my number" I nodded as i watched him leave, Justin then locked the bathroom door. I turned my attention away from him and to the tile wall in front of me.

"You know Justin, i thought about taking my own life, right here, right now, its a goo job Jason didnt notice the cuts on my wrists"

"Julie, i-i didnt mean-" He cut himself off as he knealed down by the bathtub, grabbing hold of my wrists as he saw the cuts. "Did you just do this?" I nodded as he sighed. "Please dont"

"You make me feel worthless, y'know i already felt bad as it was, being called a slut and a whore by my own boyfriend in one day really brightened it up"

"Dont ever say that again, all i've done is treat you like a princess, and what do you do? sleep with your ex, send him text messages behind my back-"

"We've always sent them texts Justin"

"Well it stops now"

"I didnt mean for this to happen honestly."

"Jason told me you thought i was gonna hit you earlier, did you  r-really think that?" I nodded as he sighed "I'd never hit you" He said as he wiped my tears from my cheeks with his thumbs. "Im sorry for making you cry, it hurts me too when you cry"

"I know i deserved it"

"But you were gonna take your life, fucking hell if you'd done that i'd be next to you in the grave, i wouldnt forgive myself for it, i love you too much"

"Oh please Justin, love me? Anymore, i fucking hate myself for what i did to you, i was thinking about you the whole time"

"What even when he put his dick in you?"

"Shutup Justin, i regret it already and if you want to know, yes, i was thinking about you, i wished it was you" I saw a smirk form on Justins lips.

"But i swear you shouldnt cut yourself, i regret what i said, i never meant it, you know that right?" I nodded. "Do you forgive me?" I nodded once more. "Do you still love me?"

"Yes Justin, i always will"

"Good because i love you too" He smiled as he leaned over to kiss me, i felt the sparks. "I cant believe his hands were on your body when they should have been mine"

"Trust me, i wish they were, i dont know why i done it, i really hope you believe me when i say i regret it" He nodded.

"I do" He smiled "I thought i'd lost you, i hope Jason didnt bother you" I giggled and shook my head. "Good now how about i make love to you all night long" He smiled against my lips as i smiled too, nodding my head. "That sounded a bit corny" I chuckled.

"Shutup and get me a towel" I giggled

"As you wish my dear" he said as he got up and grabbed one from the side, fetching me it.

"Thanks" I chirped and got out of the bath, wrapping it round myself as Justin picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. "Justin!" I squealed as he laid me down on the bed.

"I like make up sex" He smirked and pressed his lips against mine, this time biting on my lower lip. I melted at his words as by the time he'd finished his sentence his clothes were gone and he was just in his boxers.

"Justin just show me how much you love me and let me show you how much i love you" He nodded.

"Im gonna make love to you baby girl" I rolled my eyes to the back of my head at his words, in the meantime his lips found mine, roughly sucking on them as he trailed kisses down my jaw, leaving love bites and hickeys on my neck and shoulder blades as my fingers ran through his hair.

“Up” He said in a hot breath, almost a whisper. His hands grabbed the towel and pulled it from my body “Damn, you are so fit baby”

“Mmm someone’s eager” I murmured as i pulled down his boxers. He grinned at me and he wasn’t embarrassed at all. It reminded me of the seventeen year old Justin I met all them years ago. He looked boyish and innocent, and he didn’t have all those tattoos and this amazing abs, but he still was the same guy I fell in love with.

He started to lick and suck the valley between my breasts. He cupped my breasts in his large hands and I circled his waist with my legs. And oh boy, his hands were like heaven. He began by rubbing my nipples with his thumbs and I instantly closed my eyes, but when his pink and full lips enclosed my right nipple and he began to suck on it I lost it. I couldn’t help but moan, and the sight of him giving that attention to my body was too much for me.

The truth was that Justin was tender, and sweet, and caring. And he always kept in mind that I was the one he pleased and he never stopped till I came. But after what happened earlier i had a feeling it would be slightly different.

My hands went straight to his hair and I started playing with the locks at the nape of his neck. When his mouth began to give the same attention to my other boob his right hand commenced by stroking soothingly my stomach and every time lower and lower, and lower till I could feel his index finger rubbing me. I moaned, louder.

“That good?” I didn’t have the force to answer so I just hummed while he attached his mouth again to my nipples, sucking and licking and nipping. And at the same time his index and middle finger started rubbing my nub faster and faster.

When his hand left my core and his lips abandoned my nipples I opened my eyes. Just because I wanted him there, but it took me by surprise when I felt his locks tickle my belly and his tongue slide down me. "Fuck Justin" I groaned.

His tongue licked then and there. He began in my hole and ended in my outer lips. Then I felt his longer finger fighting to enter me and slide it in, all at once. I whimpered and he intertwined our fingers while he looked at me and right then and there I could tell he loved me, he didn’t need to say it, I just knew it. I started quivering while he pumped his finger faster and faster and attached his mouth to me again.

“Let it go baby, it’s okay” He caressed the palm of my hand. The sight of him, his mouth, his fingers, his taste, his smell. I was hers in that moment and he was mine. I felt that fire burning on the low of my stomach and while I whimpered and moaned he gave me an open mouthed kiss and my tongue clashed with his. Hot and urgent but passionate and sweet.



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