Justin's POV:

"What?" I spat down the phone.

"Someone sounds happy" My twin brother cheered.

No one knows about him, mainly because he changed his surname, not pround enough to be part of our family anymore, or the fact he hated my guts, a crimminal himself, taking after my father, i always get mistaken for his crimes, i just never talk about it.

"Smartass, no one calls me for no reason, especially you so get on with it"

"I was wondering if you wanted to take part in a business with me"

"Oh, really?"

"Just me and you, in Ibiza, running a club, how does that sound?" I bit my lip.

"Jason, how are you gonna pull this off when were both 16?"

"I have my ways, so how bout you come down here, lets say, tomorrow?"

"Jase i gotta finish school"

"God you've always been a mommys boy, theres not much left of school so you either get your ass down here now or never, im waiting" He said and hung up.

Did i really want to do this?


-2 years later-

"How does ibiza sound baby?" Adam whispered in to my ear.

"What? For my 19th?" I giggled "Pretty cool, one question, how would we get there?"

"Well i talk to your mom and dad and they're willing to pay for it, its only for two weeks babe, pleaseee" He whined.

"Gee your acting like its your birthday not mine" I smiled "Are you sure they agreed?"

"Yup thats why i have your bags packed and we're leaving at 7:30 tonight"

"You packed my bags?!" I screamed, sitting up as i whacked his chest. "You went through my underwear!"

"Mhm not like i havent seen you in any of it already" He winked as i hit him again "Ow babe stop it"

"And my bikinis? EVerything?"

"Everythings sorted" He chuckled.

"Shit its, 6:30, we have exactly and hour.

"Fuck get in the car, i'll bring our bags"

"Wait" I gasped as he turned, smashing my lips against his. "Thank you" I smiled as he did too.


The flight was longer than i expected it to be but i basically slept it apart from Adam singing to me, he knew it got on my nerves but he did it anyway.

Arriving, it was 9am there and everyone was getting up and going in the pool, the hotel was beautiful, stunning actually.

"Adam this must have cost loads" I gasped.

"Not that much" He chuckled and shrugged "C'mon lets get checked in" I nodded. As i waited in reception for Adam to check in i noticed a boy, not just any boy Justin. I had to blink twice, he walked directly past me away a while.

"Hi" I said out loud, but he simply ignored me and walked past, he had to have seen me, right?

"Babe stop talking to yourself, lets go"

"I-I saw- J-" I stopped saying his name as Adam and me would probably get in to a blazing row. "Dont worry, just thought i saw a familar face, lets go" I said and followed ihm up the stairs.

"Why did you take the stairs" I whined.

"Because the lift was taking too long, we're only on floor 5 calm it kermit" He chuckled.

"Dont ever call me that again, i swear" He laughed as we reached our floor, there was a corridor going left and right, fortunately for us our room was directly in the middle.

As we opened the door, it was more like a penthouse, it was beautiful, incredibly actually, noticing there was one double king sized bed in the middle of the room, a massive walk in wardrobe, a pretty large flat screen tv on the wall, our mini kitchen and the bathroom, with a pretty decent sized shower, bath also,

"This is fucking amazing" I screetched, jumping on the bed. "So fucking comfortable" I grinned.

"Well babe, its ours for two weeks"

"I seriously have the best boyfriend in the whole world" I smiled, grabbing him as i pulled him down on the bed.

"This is pretty comfy, isnt it?" He chuckled as i nodded.

"I cant believe im 19 tomorrow, we should go to that bar we past on the way here, it seemed pretty bright" I giggled.

"Agreed, but slight problem, your not 21 yet"

"You are so im guessing you can get us in"

He laughed "im jet lagged."

"Same" I sighed, cuddling up to the pillows.


That day we just spent in the room, cuddling as we were both incredibly tired, even though we slept most of the flight. Waking up for a new day, my birthday.

"Happy 19th baby" Adam grinned, wrapping his arms around me, tightly hugging me.

"I need to go shopping!" I screamed, looing through what he packed for me. "Thanks for not bringing my dresses"

"I didnt think you'd need them"

"So im supposed to walk around in my underwear all the time?" He shrugged.

"I wouldnt mind" I rolled my eyes.

"Okay im gonna put on some shorts and head out to town, you are crap at choosing outfits so you can stay here"

"Woah woah, how do you know you wont get kidnapped?"

"Im 19, i can stick up for myself now"  I grinned.

Wishing i was 21. Damn.

It was incredibly hot out, going dress shopping alone was quite annoying, i miss Rose. Rose came to france with us thankfully and i can say i got a new best friend out of that. Not speaking to Justin for two years has been hard, that doesnt mean he hasnt been on my mind every day, every hour, every minute. I wondered if he still thought about me. Rose has been in contact with him, not that hes told her where he is but i could have sworn i saw him earlier.

I chose a short black dress and some black heels to match, i thought it went really well so that was 100 euros down the drain, but it was worth it.

As i arrived back at the hotel and back in my room i had a visitor.

"Rose!" I screamed, wrapping my arms around her.

"I couldnt miss your 19th birthday so i cancelled my business trip to come here, i literally just arrived so im pretty tired"

"Adam, you did this?" He nodded, smiling. "Thank you, both"

"I thought i'd get you a little something too" She smiled, handing me a small box, as i opened it i saw a charm bracelet, it was beautiful.

"Aw, this is so sweet" I smiled, looking down at it before hugging her again "Thank you" I grinned. "Oh and Adam wheres my present?"


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