Chapter 35 - Broken

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Juliet's POV:

As i woke up in his arms something didnt feel right, rolling over to grab my phone, it was a couple missed calls from Justin and the time was 3:45. 

"Hey, Justin?" 

"Hey baby, why didnt you pick up?"

"Me and Rose were busy, sorry" I sighed.

"So what you doing now?"

"Um just watching a film, i kinda wish i'd spent the evening with you"

"Dont say that, cant she hear you?" Justin gasped as i laughed.

"Shes asleep" I said, looking at Adam. "Im gonna go now, i'll be home later, okay?"

"Okay, i love you" His voice was shaky, nervous perhaps.

"Love you too, bye" I smiled and ended, looking across at Adam. What have i done.

Justin's POV:

"Got it" Jason shirped. "Shes got at Rose's at all" I clenched my fists.

"And where the fuck is she then?"

He shrugged "Somewhere by the beach"

"Well get the fuck up because we're going to find her" I growled.

"You think shes with Adam, dont you?" He smirked as he stood up.

"I know damn well shes with him, shes been texting him the past weeks, all these dirty shit texts, she didnt know i read them, shes still fucking clueless, get your phone and lets go"


Juliet's POV:

I put on my underwear and Adam's shirt as i went and stood out on the balcony before i felt him behind me. "Why'd you get out of bed?"

"I needed air" I sighed.

"Is it Justin?" I nodded "Wanna go for a walk along the beach?" I nodded as i turned round to face him, noticing he only had his jeans on.

We walked and we talked, hugged, talked and walked some more until i told him. "Look Adam this is really fun and everything but it needs to stop, you need to find someone because i cant loose Justin, i love him, you know that right"

He nodded. "But i love you"

"And i love you but-" I got stopped mid sentence as i heard a shout.

"Whats going on here then?" As i snapped out of Adams glace i turned to left to see Justin and Jason walking towards us, i was speechless. I couldnt have even made a good impression by being in Jason's shirt, him having sex hair. Oh god.

"Justin its-" I gave up with my sentence, its not what it looks like, how stupid.

"I told you not to fucking touch my girl" Justin growled at Adam as he pushed him away from me as he punched him right in the jaw. 

"Justin!" I squealed.

"Jason get her" Justin spat as i felt Jasons arms wrap around me, stopping me from launching towards them two.

"I told you to stay away otherwise there would be trouble, fucking hell" Justin cursed as he beat the crap out of Adam.

"Its my fault dont hurt her" Was all Adam spoke.

"Dont fucking tell me what to do" 

"Justin stop! Your gonna kill him!" I screamed, tugging out of Jason's grip but he was too strong.

"Justin your girls right you should stop" Jason spoke up as finally, he did stop, leaving a half conscious Adam on the floor.

As Justin turned to me, i'd never seen him so hurt. He said tears in his eyes, full of hurt, he was broken. But the anger was real. His eyes could shoot you daggers and it wasnt long until i was pinned up against the cabin wall.

Justin's grip on my wrists, holding them above my head as i shivered under his touch "How the fuck can you be so stupid?" He questioned me as a tear slipped down my cheek. "Save your tears for someone who fucking gives a shit and go get in the car, i'll be there in a minute. Jase go with her" Justin glared at me as i slipped from his grip and went with Jason.

"Did you think he was gonna hit you?" He asked me as we sat down in the car, slowly i nodded. He sighed "Justin's not like that, he'd never hit a girl, especially not one he cares about"

"How can he care about me anymore? I fucked up big time"

"He knows about your texts aswell so brace yourself"

"Fucking hell me and adam used to always send those texts even when we were teenagers, i didnt really mean anything by it and this was just a fuck up waiting to happen," I sobbed.

"Shh, stop crying" I thought Jason was trying to be nice but no. "Justin's coming" Was what he said next.

"Dont fucking talk" He spat as he got in the car.

On the way home i thought we were going to crash but we arrived at Justin's, Jason came too. Im surprised he didnt laugh as Justin had a go at me.

"I cant fucking believe you've done this!" He yelled. "Who the fuck do you think you are?!" I tried to hold back my tears. "I've done everything i possibly could do you and you go and sleep with that dickhead! Thanks Julie, thanks alot, oh and i know about the text messages" I didnt want to speak incase it got worse. Jason did nothing but stand there.

"I really thought you loved me" I knew he was trying to hold back his tears.

"I do"

"Oh so what made you turn against me? Was it when i was in hospital and i couldnt give you sex? More like you fucking turned it out" I was totally embarrassed by this now as Jason listened to every detail.

"You know i wanted you to get better! Stop assuming things for fuck sakes! This wasnt meant to happen and i told him that"

"Slut" He said in quite a loud voice "Actually i take that back, whore suits you better"

"Justin i think you should calm down" Jason spoke as i couldnt help, my tears flooded out as i pushed past Justin and rushed off up the stairs.

"Smart going there! Shes fucking in tears!"

"She deserves it, fucking bitch"

"Dads done this to you"

"What are you on about?"

"Y'know Justin i thought i was like dad when i was completely wrong, your identical to him, its like everytime i look at you, i see him, it never used to be like that, even though i hated your guts, i liked the old you, yeah she fucked up but shes clearly sorry, shes probably packing her things right now, you just treated her like shit"



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