Chapter 18 - Past friend

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Juliet's POV:

I woke up before everyone else, only because i heard noise from down stairs. I slowly made my way down the stairs and in to the kitchen where i saw quite a tall girl, around 16 maybe, younger, long, dark brown hair, quite a petite body, holding a bottle of vodka in her small hands as as stood against the kitchen counter in nothing but a small dress.

"Who are you?" I gulped, my head hurting like fuck, just wanting some tablets.

"Oh, you must be Juliet, Justins bitch, im Rose, heard about me?"

"Briefly, how the fuck did you get in?"

"Justin said he'd leave a spare key for me, you got quite a mouth on you havent you? Justin said you wouldnt stop talking, it pisses him off if you didnt know that" She said, walking around my kitchen and in tot he living room as i followed her.

"Nice place, whos birthday?"

"Mine" I growled.

"Aw, how old?"

"16" I spat.

"Oh, shouldnt your parents be home?"

"They're out, thank your lucky stars they're not home you'd be out of this door in a second" I didnt like my first impressions of her.

"Oh, thats good, isnt it" She smiled, battering her eyelashes. "Wheres Justin?"


"Can you wake him up? Im his best friend, if he knows-"

"I know, he'll shoot out that bed and run downstairs, well sorry your gonna have to wait, i've got other friends here too" I rolled my eyes and walked back in to the kitchen where she followed, still drinking the vodka.

"Gee you must love having Justin all to yourself" She said, leaning up against the wall as i searched for headache tablets. "I miss him, all those nights we'd spend together, the cuddles, the laughs, hes a good fuck"

"Im sure he'd love to hear about all your adventures and how many guys you've fucked while you've been away, tell him that because quite frankly i dont care" I say, taking the tablets with water. 

"Gee if only you knew"

"Knew what?" I rolled my eyes at her.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs as she put the vodka down and walked in to the living room. "Morning baby" Justin said, wrapping his arms around me from behind, i pushed him off of me.

"What is she doing here?!" I said, pointing to her in the living room.

"Rose!" She squealed like a 5 year old as he ran in there, wrapping his arms around her in a tight hug. "C'mere Julie, meet Rose"

"Its alright, we've already met" I glared at her "I want her out by 1, my parents get back at 3 and theres no fucking way shes staying and you can leave too Justin"

"Woah what happened?"

"Did i say she could stay here? No! Just give her a spare key anyway Justin!" I rolled my eyes and walked back in to the kitchen, he followed, hot on my heels as he shut the kitchen door.

"Whats she said to you?"

"Oh nothing, just making me as confused as fuck, about how you guys had sex and about secrets that i dont know"

"Gee, shes winding you up, she likes to wind people up, just take no notice, okay?" He said, reaching for my hands when i pulled away from him and completely out of the room and back up stairs to the bed to lay down.


 "Shes got no where to stay" Justin tried convincing me after everyone had already left.

"Well she can stay with you, my parents will be back in an hour and i still need to tidy this place up, thanks for the help by the way, at least shes helping" I rolled my eyes.

"Fucking hell, your a really nice person Julie"

"Can you blame me?!" I spat back.

"Im going out" he said, grabbing his jacket.

"Where?!" I yelled.

"Out, quit asking like your my mother" He said, slamming the door.

"He'll come back" She said.

"Oh and how do you know?"

"I've known him since we were toddlers, sorry for my rude introduction this morning,"

"Dont worry about it, you just made my headache 10x worse" She sighed.

"I think thats all the cups in the bin" She said.

"Good" I huffed. "Hes probably gonna go out, get drunk, fuck some slut, come back and act like nothings happened, when he cant come back here, in that state because of my parents"

"Ah, when do they get back again?"

"3, its 2:15, you have 45 minutes"

"I suppose Justin still lives in the same house with his mom"

"His moms hardly around"

"Oh, yeah, i forgot, her business trips" I nodded. "You seem like a nice girl"

"Thanks, your not too bad either" I weakly smiled.


Justin's POV:

"Woah Justin what are you doing here?!" Chantel burst out as i pushed her in her home, slamming the front door. "You stink of alcohol, go home"

"Are your parents home?"

"No- Why-" I cut her off, smashing my lips against hers, my hands gripping her waist tightly as she tried to push me away. "Justin!" She screamed, smacking my arm.

"Shut up" I spat.

"What about Julie?"

"What she wont know cant hurt her" I grinned before connecting my lips back with hers, even thought it was the alcohol doing this, it didnt seem wrong.

Julie. Even the name gets on my nerves. Her voice. The way she wont shut up. But i love her. And thats what i hate the most.


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