Chapter 43 - celebrations

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Juliet's POV:

I froze.

My whole body broke down.

It felt like someone had snapped me in two.

"Guilty for the attack on Mr Adam hopkins june 17, 2013, Miss Chantel Jeffries gulity for the muder of Mr Adam Hopkins june 30th 2013"

A sigh of relief came out of me as i heard the judge carry on.

"Mr Bieber as you've already done four days in here we are letting you go, where as Miss Jeffries, we sentence you to 30 years without bail"


"Justin!" I screamed as he picked me up, spinning me around before placing me back on the floor. "I told you you'd make it out"

He nodded "I know," He grinned.

"For a second i thought you were going to get sent down, i dont know what i'd do without you, i've fucked up too Justin, if we parted now i'd break apart, i-i-"

"Shh" He said, wrapping his arms around me "Im here and im not going anywhere and nether are you, your all i need, you make me happy, i dont need anything else when i've got you"

And then my parents walked out, along with Adam's as they were pretty close. Just like we were.

"What is that?" My mother spat as she lifted my hand up, glaring at the ring.

"A ring" I shot back.

"Your marrying him?" she laughed "You can do much better" I gritted my teeth, Justin heard every word as he was only behind me.

"Mom, i love him and i want to be with him and i dont care if you dont accept that"

"Me and your father brought you up a good girl, you got straight A's, you were going far in life, go to college, get a good job, earn money, thats all we asked of you!"

"Then go and find a daughter that actually wants that!" I screamed "I never wanted that from the start!"

"Only if Adam was here to talk some sense in to you"

"I hate you! I screamed "Adams gone mom! And hes not coming back! I have Justin, and i love him, your the one that needs to actually listen to me, your on daughter and what i want and if you dont agree with it then i really dont care, im happy, thats really what you should want your daughter to be like everyone elses parents, caring about their happiness, not themselves"

"You make me sick, how are you even my daughter?" she spat as she stormed off as my dad quickly noticed what was going on and rushed over to me.

"Ignore your mother she doesnt know what shes saying, we're happy for you sweetie" He smiled.

"No your not! Your just like mom! Well im sorry i let you down! Im sorry im not the perfect daughter you guys dreamt of now go after her and dont bother talking to me again because clearly you dont care"

"I do care hun, please listen to me"

"Stop talking to me like im some kid dad, im 19, i dont need you or mom by my side anymore now will you excuse me im going to celebrate with my soon to be husband" I tried to hold back my tears as i grabbed Justin, pulling him away as Jason and Rose followed.

"Im sorry, this is my fault" Justin sighed as we got outside.

"Justin its not your fault, its no ones fauly accept my parents, okay?" I weakly smiled.

"Right are we going or not?" Jason said as he held the car door open, we nodded and hopped in the car, me and Rose in the back while the boys in the front.

"We thought we'd go out for dinner or something to celebrate" Jason said to Justin as we listened.

"Oh really?" Justin replied.

"Mhm but theres not enough staff at the club so we're gonna have a party at home then im going to the club"

"Oh" Justin chuckled. "Us four?"

"Why not?" Jason grinned.

"God your attitudes changed"

"Blame Julie" Jason gritted this teeth as he said my name, i would have laughed or at least smiled but my parents were putting me off. My mom couldnt really have meant that, right?


"Come outside with us" Justin said as he plopped down on the sofa next to me as i shook my head, telling him no. "Whats wrong? Is it your parents?" He asked as i nodded.

"Im not really in the mood for anything" He nodded as he wrapped his arms around me. "Go outside, go in the pool, you can leave me here, i dont mind"

"It gives Jason time with Rose and i dont mind either" He smiled, kissing my head. "Its gonna be alright, im sure your mom didnt mean that, she loves you, she may not love me" He chuckled "but she loves you and so does your dad" I nodded.

"I wish they showed it" I sighed as i looked at him, he didnt look overly impressed as he glanced back at me, weakly smiling to cheer me up but it really didnt help.

For the rest of the night i say with Justin as we watched movies and sat around, playing games and drinking, not much just a few, it was fun. Rose and Jason were eventually gone and it was just us.

"Would you care to join me in the hot tub? Skinning dipping?" He smirked, laughing.

"Your so corny just get out" I giggled as i grabbed the nearest towels and followed him outside and towards the hot tub. Justin made me forget the day and everything that happened, i couldnt have wished for anything better.

 I really did love him


Whats gonna happen?!


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