Chapter 40 - What have i done

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Juliet's POV:

"And thats not all, i found this" She said as she handed me some paperwork as i read she spoke. "Justin's due in court in three days, im guessing its for when he beat up Adam a few weeks ago"

"Why the hell didnt he tell me?!"

"Maybe because he doesnt want you to get hurt" I heard the voice as i turned around to see a smirking Jason standing in the door way, waving the keys. Then a frown appeared on his face.

"Whats in your hands?" 

"Oh nothing" i said, snapping the box shut as i placed it back in the draw as Rose shut it.

"Your in deep shit Julie"

"You cant tell him, you cant even let him know we were in here, please Jase, i'll do anything, just please dont tell him" The smirk was back on Jason's lips as he spoke.

"I might think about what you just said there, for now i'll keep quiet, but the real question is, what are you gonna say when he gets down on one knee? Not many girls get to think about this"

"I tried to stop her" Rose defended "But she wouldnt listen"

"Thats because i didnt know what it was!" I spat back.

"Get out and put everything back where you found it and let me lock up" We nodded as we fixed the paperwork and strolled out the room.


Juliet's POV:

I groaned loudly as someone bounced on the bed.

I pulled the sheets above my head and mumbled out to whoever was jumping on me to get out. 

I pulled the covers from over my head and glared at Jason. "What. Do. You. Want?" I said through gritted teeth.

"Well remember the other day when you said you'd do anything?"

"Jase i was joking" I sighed "Now let me sleep"

"Its way past noon and Justins gonna be home later"

I stared at him through narrowed, skeptical eyes. Then i shook my head vigorously, “No. Nope, no, no, nope, nuh uh – just no.”


Ten minutes later, me and Jason were sitting against a sofa. Chaz passes me a pill, my birth control and i momentarily wondered how he knew about them. I sat there, staring blankly at my phone.

I decided to send a text to Justin: Hey babe, when you coming home?x

Jason chuckled "Is that the best you can do?"

I gasped at him, “I’m just getting started! You can’t just rush into dirty texting! You have to set the mood!”

He rolls his eyes, “Sweetheart, trust me, it’s different with boys.”

I glared at him, but jump at a vibration. Justin had texted back: Idk im at the airport, im waiting for a cab, i'll be home soon x

i was about to reply, but Jason snatched it from me and i stared wide-eyed as his fingers fly through the phone’s keypad, finally hitting send.

“What did you…?” my eyes read the text on the screen: Baby, I’m so horny – I want u so bad rite now!!

Jason closed my open mouth and a reply is sent: already? Babe, u just woke up! x

“No! I change my mind, I don’t want to be a part of th–” i never get to finish; Ryan covers my mouth and my protests are muffled.

Jason still continued to type none the less: I want u so bad – I’m touching myself, wishing it was u. Talk dirty to me pls!

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