Juliet's POV:

Justin was recovering pretty quickly so we both decided to make a statement on what happened to the both of us, i tightly gripped Justin's hand as he spoke, i could tell he was finding it difficult definetly to talk about his dad.

"Thank you both, we'll get after him and we'll keep you up to date with information" The police officer said as he walked through the hospital doors, leaving me and Justin alone.

It was silent for a few seconds until one of us spoke up. "What time are we leaving?" Justin asked, the nurse said he could be discharged today.

"Now, c'mon lets go to the front desk and find her" He nodded as i helped him up.

Once we found the nurse before she could let us go she had to go through things with us. "Right he has to rest, nothing too strenuous he could have a fit if his heart rate goes up too much, we dont want a repeat of what happened the other day now do we?" 

Lets just say Justin's heart rate when up a little too much.

"Okay, fine, i'll look after him"

"Good, well Mr Bieber, your free to go" I smiled at her as i signed a few forms before we left. Justin's mom, Pattie was meant to be down but she had to go to france for yet another meeting. Rose was too in France with Adam, me and him havent said a word since he turned up at the doorstep.

When we got back i made Justin lay down even though he really didnt want too, finally he gave in and listened to me but it wasnt long until my name was being called.

"Juliee babyyyy" He whined as i walked through and stood in front of him with my hands on my hips.


"Cuddle" He pouted.

"I've got things to do y'know Justin, i just cant cuddle every second and i really dont want to rush you back in the hospital because i've got your over excited"

He laughed "Please babe its 8pm, can we just go to bed?"

I sighed "Fine, c'mon"

Finally we were both ready for bed and in each others arms watching grown ups. Half way through the movie i felt his hand travel down to my thigh, i didnt think anything of it but as it got higher i clasped my hand over his as he looked at me.

"Im not having sex with you until you fully better" He groaned and threw his head back. "Its not the fact i dont want to have sex, i would but you've got to get better, like the doctor said, your injury was worse than mine so yours is going to take longer to repair, im sorry" I sighed, feeling like he was annoyed with me.

"Why have you gotta be such a good girl?" I laughed.

"So my boyfriend gets better" I smiled as i pecked his lips. "I love you"

"I love you too" He whispered with a small smile.


-6 Months Later-

"Just today, come away with me" Adam spoke down the phone.

"No Adam its too risky, Justin's home, he was planning to spend the weekend with me as hes been out with the boys recently, i cant"

"Julie i've got this lovely cabin just out by the sea, its only a few miles from where you are, i'll have to back by late tonight, just tell Justin your gonna sleep round with Rose and you come back because it got cancelled, yeah?"

"I dont know, its risky"

"Please, for me, i know you want too"

"Fucking hell fine, come pick me up, i'll be waiting round the corner of the house, see you in 5" I said and hung up.

"Um Justin" I told him as i peered round in to his office.

"Yes babe?" She said as he swung his chair round. I felt terrible.

"Im going to Rose's do you mind?"

"Oh" He sighed "I was gonna take you out for dinner, but we can do that another time, i've got work to do with Jason so i guess he can come round"

"Im sorry, i'll be back late tonight, promise" I smiled as i rushed over to him as i pecked his lips but his hands grabbed my waist, going in for a more powerful kiss.

"Justin" I moaned as i tried to pull away. "I gotta go, shes gonna be waiting for me" I squeezed out as he showered my lips with kisses.

"Fine" He sighed as he let go of me. "Have fun" He smiled at me as i fake smiled back before i left, going to meet Adam.


"Justin thinks im with Rose" I told him as i put the seabelt on.


"But i told him im gonna be back tonight  and its 11 now"

"Its okay, we've got enough time, i suppose" He chuckled as he pressed his lips against mine quickly. I didnt feel the flame like i did with Justin. To be honest i dont know why i was doing this to Justin. I just had feelings for Adams that i couldnt let go, no matter how wrong it felt.

"Wow" I said, breathlessly as we arrived "This is, just, beautiful" I gasped, looking at the cabin, it was small but the colours were endless, all the surrounding flowers, brightening up the place, the beautiful birds and butterflys flying around.

"C'mon lets go inside" I nodded as i hopped out the car and followed him.

Someone could actually live here, there was a bed, bathroom, running water. "Wow" I said again as i stepped out on the balcony to see the beach.

"We'll go out there later" He said as he wrapped his arms around me from behind. "But right now i want you in here" He whispered in my ear as he guided me in to the bedroom, turning me around as his lips attached mine, making out in a passionate kiss as we fell backwards on the bed.

If Justin only knew.


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