-1 Week Later-

"Justin wake up" I spat. "Justinn" I whined, shaking him.

"I wanna go back to sleep" He groaned.

"We've got school idiot, get up" I said, shoving him out the bed so he fell on the floor, hearing him sigh and swear at the same time.

"Fine, im up" He mumbled.

"Good, im using the shower first"

"We dont have time, we can shower together so get your ass in the bathroom" I rolled my eyes, walking inside as he managed to get on his feet and follow.

"You gotta admit it was better than me throwing freezing cold water on you"

"Just wait until i do that to you" He grinned.

Thankfully Rose didnt have school so she was still fast asleep.


I didnt speak to Chantel all day, lets just say our friendship was over. Adam asked me if he could come round later, i couldnt deny, although Justin had something to say.

"No" He spat.

"And why not? If you can go and see your past friends, cant i see mine?" I sighed, placing my hands on my hips.

"Because i dont like him" He screwed his nose up at his own comment.

"Well hes my friend and nothings gonna change that Justin"

"Whatever, im gonna go down the club anyways"

"Be careful you dont bump in to Chantel, you might end up banging her again" I growled as i turned on my heels and walked away.


Laying in Adams arms my phone buzzed, i was half asleep, too tired to answer it. "Read the message" I mumbled to him.

"Its from and unknown number" He said, unlocking my phone. 

I should really put a password on it.

"What does the text say?"

"Uh theres no text, its more like a picture" I rubbed my eyes with my hands as i sat up and took my phone from his grip, staring at the picture, my heart shattering.

I was speechless, just glaring down at the screen which i could clearly see Justin, no shirt on, some half dressed chick clinging on to him, their lips moulded together, after i told him, i fucking told him.

I didnt say anything as i stood up and started to pack my things from the draws. "Woah babe, w-what are you doing?" He questioned me.

"What does it look like im doing?" I spat harsly as i threw most clothes in to a bag "Im leaving, leaving him"

"You've got your school, your friends, you cant pack up and leave!"

"Watch me" I growled as i took out my phone and dialed my moms number. 

"Mom im coming to france, meet me at the airport you and dad got off at, i'll see you soon" I said as it went straight to voicemail.

"Your not leaving me and going to france, thats just- you cant"

"Then come with me" I told him, letting my bag drop on the bed as i walked over to him "Your the only person i can trust Adam and i dont want to loose you again, you were right about Justin, but i do mean it when i say i love you, i've fallen for you, all these years, i know it didnt work out incredibly well last time but i think its time to give me and you a go, a proper go, please, come with me"

"I'll need to talk to my parents, i cant just, leave"

"Well do it quick, i'll meet you back here at 7, then we'll head off to the airport, in the meantime i'll book our tickets" He nodded.

I was also going to leave a note for Justin, after printing the picture off. 'You promised, you said you loved me, what happened to that? dont try and find me because im happy with Adam, hes always there for me, unlike you -Juliet'

I wrote that on the back as i placed it on the bed, he'd see it when he got back.

"What are you doing?" I looked up to see Rose in the doorway.

"Leaving" I replied


Justin's POV:

"Julie?!" I yelled as i slammed the front door. "Baby where are you?!" I shouted, walking through in to the kitchen.

"Rose?!" I yelled, maybe they went out together?

I walked up the stairs to my room, expecting to find them there at least, but it was empty, empty draws where Juliet kept her stuff, gone, a note on the bed, more importantly a picture.

I lifted it up in my hands, examining it. How the fuck did someone get a hold of this, print it in less than a few hours. Then i turned it over and i read the note.

I blew it.

I fucking blew it.

Shes gone.

And theres nothing i can do about it.

I heard Rose in my head.

'You should treat her like you love her'

'What sort of boyfriend are you, cheating on her when she doesnt cheat on you'

'You fucked up, big time'

It needed to stop, it was awful, tearing me apart even more.

Then i got a phonecall.


My brother.


Yes hes got a brother, Jason Mccann..


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