Justin's POV:

It wouldnt have been that bad if she fucking told me Jason knew. How long had she'd been keeping this a secret? So many questions were running through my head, about 30 minutes after i'd let my anger out, i realized, i left Jason with her.

I ran as fast as i could back to the hotel and up the stairs, the door was open, i saw a passed out Jason on the floor, a broken bottle next to him. "Julie?!" I yelled as i walked through in to the kitchen.

There i saw her.

Trying to survive.

Juliet's POV:

I stepped out on the balcony to get air, my breathing was going incredibly fast, i felt my heart was going to burst out of my chest when i felt hands around my mouth, pulling me back in to the hotel room, my instant thoughts were its Jason. Hes not dead but hes now going to kill me.

As i got brought in to the kitchen, i saw Jason lying on the floor, who had hold of me.

"Dont speak" He mumbled in an accent i couldnt recognize, it sounded canadian. Justin cant be a triplet.

I felt the sharp blade against my neck, pushing in deeper as i tried to pull back.

"What the fuck did you do my son" And then it hit me.

"Its like he didnt care for Jason so Jason tried to be like him so hopefully my dad would look up to him one day"

"He killed my brother, he told me i didnt mean it, Jason was just too scared to even face him"

"Jason and my dad could be one, hes like him, after what i saw that night, Jason wants my dad to know he exists"

His dad. Jeremy.

"He-He-" I couldnt speak, i felt the lade slice my neck, thankfully it wasnt so deep.

"He what?" He growled, now the knife was on my arms, cutting small cuts.

"Raped me" As soon as i sat that i felt a sharp pain in my stomach. The last thing i saw before i blacked out was his face and there was no doubt that was their father.

Justin's POV:

I rang for help straight away, both her and Jason were carried out, sadly the little fucker was still alive and thankfully Julie was too. I had no idea wether Jason did this to her but Jason was more in the living room where as Julie was in the kitchen.

"Is she gonna be alright?" I asked the doctor.

"We dont know yet" He mumbled. 

I couldnt not call Rose, i had to tell her, so i did and she came, but without Adam. "His girl, uh friend has just been stabbed and hes getting pissed?!" I yelled.

"His words were, he doesnt care" Thats the alcohol talking.

"Well he should fucking care! She could die!" I felt her arms wrap around me as a tear slid from my eye down my cheek. "I know i may seem strong but if she dies i-i dont know w-what"

"Justin shes not gonna die, i swear, Justin shes gonna keep flighting, for you, she knows your waiting for her"

"I need to find out what fucker did this" I mumbled, wiping my eyes with my sleeves.

"You dont think it was Jason?"

"Not unless he stabbed her, she hit him with a bottle and made it to the kitchen and collapsing on her back and the knife was no where to be seen"

She was silent "Do you just think someone broke in and tried to finish them both off? I couldnt see her hitting him like that"

"Me either i guess but i dont know, i cant think right now, i just need to know shes gonna be okay"


Hours passed, what felt like days turned out of be the whole night and partly the morning. Waking up, i noticed their was no Rose next to me, but a note from Rose telling me she'd be back later, her flight i knew was at 8pm tonight.

"Mr Bieber, shes awake, you can come and see her" The doctor grinned as i shot up from the chair and in the room as he left us alone.

"I was so worried i thought i lost you" I ran in, cupping her face in my hands as i pressed my lips against hers, she was cold.

"Not that easily" she giggled as she moved over slowly as i laid next to her. "I hate hospitals" She mumbled.

"Me too, you'll be out sooner than you know it" She sighed. "Im sorry" I mumbled.

"No im sorry, Jason threatened me, he was going to tell you all this bullshit, hes playing mind games with me, even when we got back to the hotel, thats why i hit him, i had to hit him" She began to cry as i wrapped my arms around her, being extremely careful not to hurt her.

"Shh, i know, i know, hes alive" I mumbled. "Did he do this to you?" She shook her head.

"I-I cant think right now i-i-"

"Shhh, just rest" I kissed her head. "We need to you to get better baby" I mumbled.

Juliet's POV:

"Justin" I mumbled, looking down at the boy peacefully sleeping, he looked so cute when he was sleeping but i had to wake him "Justin" I said, shaking him.

"A-Am i hurting you?" He shot up and asked.

"No um" I said, looking at the nurse standing next to us.

"Oh, sorry" He blushed and hopped off the bed.

"We have come good news and some bad news, the bad news is your going to have to stay in here a couple more days but more importantly, congratulations your pregnant!" She said with such excitement but i felt my whole world snap, i felt like another knife had been stabbed in me, this time through my heart.


Slight problem, whos the father?


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