Juliet's POV:

"Justin said he really likes me, and he has done for a while now, the other nigt was perfect, we're gonna go on a propper date and see how it is, he called me beautiful" Same.

I must have heard Chantel tell me that over 100 times now and it was really annoying, not the fact she was rubbing it in my face, i just wanted to burst out and tell her he called me beautiful and tried to get in my pants in the bathroom but she wouldnt believe me.

Ryan or Justin havent said anything and its now tuesday. Justin and Chantel keep looking at each other in lessons, winking and god knows what else but its fustrating and distracting.

I was minding my own business in the halls at lunch when i heard Chantel's name come from Justin's lips. I stopped myself from going round the corner as i listened to their conversation.

"Fuck off me and Chantel are nothing, shes a good fuck, its funny seeing Juliet pissed, and fun messing with Chantel so i do it anyway"

"I heard about your kiss with Juliet" I imagined Chaz said as Justin shot back a reply.

"Y-You what?"

"I just dropped her home and just felt like kissing her and i dont regret it" He laughed. My heart was beating incredibly fast by now.

I decided it was time to move so i grabbed my things and walked round the corner, avoiding their gaze.

Last lesson of the day was of course maths, sitting behind me still was Justin and Ryan and now it was especially awkward. They hadnt said anything to me all day and they seemed to avoid me in maths until Miss anounced we were doing a project.

"Chantel with Joe" I was praying i was going to get a smart kid so i wouldnt the the only one doing the work. As she read the list on my name wasnt called, but near to the end i heard it. "Juliet, and, Justin" My jaw dropped to the floor.

"Miss we cant work together" Justin stood up and yelled.

"Hes right, we cant" I shot back.

"Im sick of giving you both detentions so im putting you together to work out your differences!" She yelled right back "You all have a week to finish the project, its not very big, and two heads are better than one, so get going!" Just as the bell rang, i sighed and shoved the sheet in my bag.

"Your so lucky" Chantel sighed as she followed me out of the classroom.

I rolled my eyes and went straight for my locker, she also followed to get her things but then so did Justin. It seemed to esculate quickly from a hug to them eating each others faces off, with the slam of my locker they pulled apart.

"Uh i'll call you later" She said to me as she hurried off.

"Someone jealous?" Justin smirked.

"Your only using her, nothing gets past me Bieber" I spat. "Your house or mine?"

"Gee Lawson your moving quick"

"Shutup" I growled "The sooner we get this project done, the better, lets jsut orget the other night happened, okay?"

"But what if i dont want too?" He smirked, leaning himself up against the lockers.

I giggled and shook my head. "Dick" I whispered as i started walking towards the door.

"Rat face i thought you wanted to get this project done?" He shouted down the hall as i turned on my heels to face him again.

"Wheres your car pig?" He rolled his eyes as he caught up to me, following him to his car.


"Where are your parents?"

"Business trip, they're always out" He said. "C'mon, bring your bag smartass" I sighed and followed him up the stairs to what i guessed was his room.

He opened the door and threw his stuff down, his room wasnt as quite a tip as i thought it would be, i did notice the cigarette and condom packets on the bed and dressers, he quickly shoved them in a draw as i stood in the door way.

"I dont bite" He said as he patted the space on the bed opposite him, i sighed and walked over, placing my bag on the bed as i joined him, i just sat there staring at him for what felt like forever. All i could see was his hands on me, his lips on mine, the feeling. 

"Julie?!" He must have repeated over 10 times already, finally i heard him.

"Oh sorry" I blushed, pulling my books and the sheet out.

Justin was useless. When he wasnt texting he was singing, when he wasnt singing he was poking me, when he wasnt poking me he was smoking, making me cough like hell.

"You dont smoke?" He asked.

"No" I spat, already pissed with him.

"Try it" He said, holding his cigarette out to me.

"No Justin" I sighed.

"Gee your so boring Julie, how the fuck dores Chantel put up with you? Just one puff" Justin's right. Chantel says it too. So i took it from his finger tips and inhaled it.

Coughing as Justin took it back, laughing. "Never- Again" Still chuckling he carried on smoking it. Finally i stopped coughing and glared at him. 

"You see, your meant to blow it back out" He grinned.

"That was your fault" I growled. "Justin you've done fuck all, please help"

"Its hot when you swear" I could kill this boy.

"Justin its not funny"

"Im crap at maths, what more can i say?"

"You cant honestly expect me to do all this by myself within a week"

"Miss put us together to get a long not to work together and i'd say we're getting a long pretty well"

"Yeah, Justin course, now lets work, together"

"Fine if it will shut you up"


Shorter chapter i know:( Sorryy x

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