Chapter 1 - Problems

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Im a straight A student in school, the odd one as you could say. Im 15 sadly, got another year in school. I hate school, yeah i get straight A's and Im top in every class but that doesnt stop my hate for it.

I live with both my mom and dad, they're great, but they treat me like a kid. They want me to go to college and Uni, get a great job and be amazing and thats the total opposite to what i really want.

I have one best friend, her name is Chantel, shes really sweet and of course she is also a smart one. Mine name's Juliet, we're not one of the populars, i could say i get bullied quite alot, definetly by Justin Bieber and his two mates.

As i stuffed my books in to my locker and closed the door Chantel was standing behind it, making me jump, she just laughed. "C'mon we're gonna be late for class" She gasped, looking at her watch.

"We've got 5 minutes yet" I told her, looking up and down the halls.

"Justin's always so alone" She blurted out.

"Alone? Please hes got Ryan and Chaz" I sighed.

"Hes never got a girl Julie"

"And who would like to be his girlfriend?" I asked, taking one look at him before turning my gaze back to the floor. "He fucks them and dumps them, half the girls here hate him because of what he did to them, i dont want to fall in to that trap" 

"Hes looking over here oh my god Julie" She gasped, tapping my arm. She was obsessed with him. She found him 'cute' when i thought he looked like a ducks ass.

See she doesnt know i get bullied, because she doesent, she has the looks and the good grades, i got the good grades. Justin wants to bang her too, but i pull her away and she hates me for that.

"Once hes got in your pants you'll be gone"

"He winked at me! Julie!" I rolled my eyes.

"Are you even listening to me?"

"What did you say?" she replied, i sighed.

"Dont worry" I chirped and walked in to the classroom.

Maths. Everyone hates maths. Especially Justin. And sadly in this lesson he sits next to Ryan. Behind me. Chantel was on the otherside of the classroom, she calls where i sit 'lucky' because of Bieber.

I call it unlucky. All lesson i hear them whispering about me. Spit balls and pieces of rubber being fired at me, which the teacher and Chantel seem to miss.

I tried to concerntrate on my work but it was no use, spinning round on my chair i let rip. "Stop fucking throwing things at me!" I growled in a yell, causing everyone to look at me.

"Miss Lawson! Detention after school!"

"Miss it was them! You never see it!"

"Aw, Juliet gonna miss her study date?"

"Shut up" I growled.

"Miss Lawson turn back around" I sighed and did what she said.

"At least i can get dates" I heard Justin mumble from behind. Little shit.

"At least i dont fuck them and drop them"

"At least i can get girls in my bed, unlike you, still a virgin" Thankfully he whispered as i just shut my eyes tight, breaking my pencil in my hand. Fuck. This happens every day so im quite used to it now but it still slowly pulls me apart.

The quicker i could get out of there the better, but then that only brought me to gym. I was quite a skinny girl, i couldnt gain weight if i tried. The short ass skirts they made us wear in pe showed my legs, i hated my legs and today we were playing volley ball, boys against girls.

And then i got hit, right in my forehead by the ball which came from Chaz. Knocking me straight on the floor backwards.

"Bieber! Take her to the nurse!"

"It wasnt me it was Chaz!"

"I dont care who it was! Take her to the nurse! Now!" I rubbed my head as Chantel helped me up as Justin waited for me by the door as i followed him out. The awkward silence grew.

"You could of dodged that ball"

"I wouldnt have needed to dodged it if you hadnt aimed for me"

"Chaz aimed for you" He said, correcting me.

"Thats right, i missed your balls earlier dick" I muttered the last word.

"What did you just call me?" He stopped walking and looked at me.

"What you are" I spat and walked in to the nurses office.

"What happened here Lawson?" The nurse knew my name because of all the times Justin and his mates hurt me.

"Got hit in the face by a ball because shes an idiot" Justin replied. I sighed as i got handed an ice pack.

"Are you feeling dizzy?" She asked me.

"No, it just really hurts"

"Okay, Bieber take her back to lesson and tell Miss to let her sit out the last 10 minutes" He nodded as i thanked her and we left.

"I think you hit your head a little too hard" He told me.

"I think they dropped you as a baby, you got a think head" I spat back.

"You got quite a mouth on you" He shot back. "It would look good around my dick" I heard him chuckle.

"Ew you make me want to throw up Bieber"

"Oh c'mon i know you want too, your pretty pink lips wrapped-"

"Shut up, your sick"

"Your ass looks good in that skirt" I sighed.

"Last week you said i have no ass and no tits if im not corrected"

"True, you dont" He laughed "But it looks good from my view"

"You have problems Bieber"

"Your just too innocent, any girl would let me take them in a closet right now"

"Any slut, Bieber, you fuck sluts, desperate little girls and im not one of them"

"You want to keep your good girl reputation then?" I felt his hot breath on my neck.

"I'd rather be a good girl than get fucked and dumped by you or any of your idiotic friends, you can keep your small dick in your pants" I stopped and turned around to him

"I bet your wearing granny panties"

"For your information Bieber im wearing a thong which you wont ever get your hands on" I smiled and turned around, walking in to the gym hall, feeling pretty proud of myself but confused at the same time.


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