Juliet's POV:

One week later and still no change apart from the fact there was a party tonight and literally everyone was going so of course Chantel wanted me to go. I wasnt one for parties, especially when there was going to be alcohol and drugs there. Oh and Bieber and his lot.

'Dress up' I got told. Knowing Chantel she would be in a short dress which showed both her legs and her cleavage. She was bigger than me in every way and so were half the girls in the school and that made me even more unpopular. Come to think of it, Justin's right, why does Chantel hang around with me anyway? It doesnt help her out.

I got dressed into a short black dress which came up to mid thigh, black heels to match as i didnt want to be the odd one out. I straightened my hair and applied minimum makeup, i didnt really use it. "Are you sure your alright with me going out tonight?" I asked my mom.

"Yes sweetie, you'll be with Chantel, go and have fun, you never really get any time out, so have fun" She smiled.

"Thanks" I weakly smiled before going out the door with Chantel.

"You look cute" She grinned.

"You too" As i was right, a short blue dress, shorter than mine and silver heels.


"This is going to be so much fun!" she squealed as we walked through the doors to this house, by the size i'd say it was Justin's.

"You cant leave me, i know hardly anyone here"

"Yeah yeah sure, once we get some drinks down you it will be fine, okay?" Drinks? No. I've never touched alcohol or drugs, never smoked either and i dont intend too.

First glance of Justin i saw was him smoking outside with Chaz and Ryan, i ignored it and followed Chantel. "Chantel, look i-"

"Just drink it" She said, placing a drink down in front of me which i really didnt like the look or smell off. "C'mon" I saw Bieber out of the corner of my eye and just decided to down it, so i did, i dont know why he made me do it, but he just did.

"Shit Julie" She giggled.

All of a sudden i felt a shadow over me, i could tell who it was by the voice. "That was pretty good first time around, do you think you could do it again?" He whispered making my shiver. I hated this. He knew he was doing this on purpose.

"Piss off Bieber" I growled, not even wanting to look at him as i got up and walked off, Chantel shouting my name as i walked to the nearest bathroom. Such a big house.

Thankfully it was empty as i stood in front of a mirror, panting heavily. That drink was horrible, never again will i let Chantel make me a drink. Justin's voice kills me everytime and he knows hes playing games and i hate it.

I shut my eyes tight and tried to forget about it, i needed to leave. I re opened my eyes and went for the exit, as i went to open the door to my surprise Justin did, slamming me against a wall, my back hitting the cold tiles.

"Get off!" I screamed but he was too strong.

"I was pretty impressed earlier, too bad you stormed off, calmed down now?" I stared at him dead in the eyes as i didnt reply. "You trying to get off tonight wearing that dress?"

"Leave me alone" I mumbled.

He brought his finger tips up to my cheeks and softly rubbed them as i felt sick to my stomach. "Such a beautiful girl" He mumbled. "Too bad shes too innocent" I felt his hot breath against my lips as i smelt the alcohol inching closer until i felt our lips connect, he tried to deepen the kiss when i began to struggle and push him away.

"Justin!" I gapsed as i felt his hand on my thigh, getting higer until i couldnt  hold it in no more and i screamed and repeatedly hit him.

Finally i pushed him off and ran out the bathroom without saying another word, i probably looked like a mess as i shot through all the crowds to find Chantel and she wasnt much help either.


Hours past and thats when i saw Justin taking Chantel upstairs and then i felt i was going to throw up. I had no way of getting home and my parents would kill me if i was home too late, it was already midnight. "You alright?" I turned on my heels and saw Ryan.

"Does it look like im alright?" I spat.

"Gee calm it" He chuckled "Wassup?"

"I have no ride home, thats whats up" I grinned.

"C'mon i'll take you home"

"Hah, funny" I fake laughed.

"Im being serious, c'mon, i have nothing better to do" I sighed and followed him out to his car, getting in the passenger side.  "What made you come?"

"Chantel" I told him, he nodded.

The rest of the car ride was quite quiet apart from when he parked up at my house, as we were saying out goodbyes he kissed me, forcefully like Justin, but he didnt pin me down.

I dont know what came over me but i kissed him back. The kiss became more passionate, being in a car it was hard to move about, when we pulled away we were both breathing heavily.

"Bye" I said and quickly got out.

Justin and Ryan in one night. Wow i am drunk.

As i stepped through the doors, my parents were still up, thankfully they allowed me being home at 12:30 otherwise i couldnt imagine the punishment. If i was grounded, it would be for a week or even two.

"Have fun?" My dad asked.

"Yeah thanks, im gonna go to bed, im tired, night guys" I said and hurried off up the stairs.

I couldnt say anything to anyone about anything, lets imagine this night never happened.


Whats Justins game?


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