Justin's POV:

Storming through the house, smashing mostly everything as Rose began to shout my name.

"Justin!" I ignored her, smashing, plates, pictures, glass. "Justin calm down!" She said, grabbing hold of me, running her fingers through my hair.

"I fucked up, i really, fucked up"

"What did you do?"

"I got drunk and slept with Chantel, my ex, my ex girlfriends best friend"


"Shes dumped me and some fucking boy is back from the past, i thought he was gone for good, but hes fucking back and hes got his fucking arms round my girl" I growled.

"Justin, calm, who is he?"

"Adam, fucking Adam Hopkins"

"He went to your school? How come i've never heard of him?"

"Because hes a fucking dickhead, he used to live around here, then he moved to atlanta about two years ago, now hes back and i've got no fucking idea why, hes going to ruin us, apart from how i ruin it, he needs to go, right now"

"Woah, dont you dare kill him"

"Dont be stupid, i'll get Jake or someone out"

"Justin, calm down, im sure hes just come to visit her"

"You dont understand, they're not just friends, they're like friends with benefits"

"And how do you know this?"

"I used to pick on her in school, i know everything, i used to go to her house for projects and he used to be there, she used to hug him, cuddle him, i heard the things they talked about, the dirty texts they sent each other, no way is that girl as innocent as she looks"

"Well definetly as shes got with you" 

"Shutup, its not funny, he said he loved her and she said it back, i heard when i was leaving"

"Justin i say that to you, you dumb fuck, they're best friends, they're obviously gonna say that to each other"

"I really, really dont like him, shes mine"

"Well you better get her back, because as you say, she'll be like putty in his hands"

"What the fuck does she see in him?"

"Maybe hes nice, hes hot, he treats her nicely, all the time that is, and he does truely love her"

"And your saying i dont?"

"Well, you dont treat her the best, do you? I'd probably break up with you if you cheated on me with one of my best friends, you've got to think about her Justin, not just yourself if you want this releationship to work, she truely loves you, she told me herself earlier, but she gets pissed at you, no wonder."

"Fuck i need to fix this"

"Not today, tomorrow, you need to rest"

"I cant rest, knowing shes with him and shes basically nothing to do with me anymore, you know, you remember Zoey, right? Ever since her i've fucked everything up, and my dad, i-i"

"Justin, i know, i know, you need to forget about her and your dad, Zoey was a mistake, Juliet isnt, you'll get her back, i promise" I nodded, hugging her lightly.

"Thank you"

"Dont thank me, just go to bed" She smiled, i nodded.


Juliet's POV:

-3 days later-

I've been ignoring Justin, i've had a few conversations with Rose but im sure Justin was listening. Me and Adam are getting on so well, its like he'd never left. He knew i didnt want to speak to Justin, not yet anyway.

Right now it was 10pm, both my parents were still out, they left for dinner about 2 hours ago but i guess they got caught up as usual. Me and Adam laid on my sofa watching films with ice cream and popcorn, we'd always do this and i guess i just missed it.

I felt his hand on my thigh and getting higher, thats when i looked at him, he looked back. "I hope you know that everytime i say i love you, i mean it" He mumbled.

I nodded, "I mean it too, i always have and i always will" I say, shuffling closer to him as we both slowly lent in, our lips slightly touching.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" He asked.

"When have i ever said no to you?" I whispered back before we fully connected our lips, getting lost in the moment as our lips moved in sync, me now straddling his lap as his hands cupped my ass, 

"Bedroom?" He asked, breathlessly, i nodded quickly as he scooped me up and carried me upstairs, his lips now attached to my neck as he made love bites, earning a moan from me. Throwing me on the bed as we hurried to undress.

It felt like the old times, as our sex was for fun, even though i had Justin, he could never compare to this.


I woke up wrapped in Adam's arms, him awake and caressing my back. "Hello sleeping beauty" I giggled as i lifted myself up to kiss his pink lips, running my fingers though his silky brown hair.

"Morning" I replied, smiling.

"You might have to cover them up with makeup" He chuckled, running his fingers over th elove bites on my neck as i growled.

"As long as i steer clear of Justin for a while, it wont matter"

"So.., what does this make us?" I just stared at him, trying to think before i shrugged.

"I just want it to be how it was all them years ago, you and me, not in a relationship, just this"

"Your gonna get a boyfriend" He said, his thumb pads rubbing my cheek.

"And your gonna get a girlfriend,"

"How can i get a girlfriend when im in love with you?" 'In love'

I was speechless, i didnt know what to say exactly. "A-Adam, i-i"

He sighed as he closed his eyes, laying back down as he looked up at the ceiling. "Adam, i love you too"

"Just not the same way i love you" I sighed, looking at him.

"Then we should stop this all together"


"We're gonna go on dates and find someone that we love, we're gonna move on, we can have our movies nights, but no touching, that involves kissing, okay?"

"Did you not just hear me? Im in-" I cut him off, not wanting to hear it again.

"I heard you the first time but you've got to move on, just like i have too" Referring to Justin.


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