Justin's POV:

"What the fuck do you want? To apologize for fucking my girlfriend at that time!"

"We never fucked and that was over a year ago! Just let it go!"

"You blackmailed her for finding a damn ring!"

"She fucking went with it! Its not all my fault! Justin she didnt even want me She wanted you, not once did she moan my name, it was yours and i know she damn well loves you, i was bored and horny, she was there, i guess i took advantage of it, so what?!"

"So fucking what?! That doesnt give you permission to touch my girlfriend!"

"All i know is she regrets it and shes a fucking mess in there, she thinks the weddings off"

"Well shes right"

"Fucking hell Justin dont be like this, you can be so stuck up and selfish at times! Nothing has happened between us since that day! We agreed to move and so should you! Rose told me shes already upset over Adam"

"Why the hell is she bringing Adam up on our wedding day?!"

"Because she was going to marry him, when you wasnt around and you never existed, they had a plan of their own, they were only young but they knew, both their parents would be there, cheering them on, Juliet's parents arent even gonna be there and neither is her best friend, not to mention dad, he wont be there ether, just mom, Rose and a few friends, she wanted this day to be perfect she told me herself, this day is what shes been looking forward to all of her life, no matter the fuck who shes marrying, today shes marrying you and she wants that! As much as you want it! And im only doing this because i do care and i do have a fucking heart and i know you do too, i fucked this day up and she told me to fix it because she loves you and she doesnt wanna loose you, i've been a dick to you in the past and hopefully i cant make it up to you now, right now, i know you want to marry her, whats stopping you?"

"The cars here" I looked up and saw Ryan as i nodded.

Juliet's POV:

"Its off, its over! This day is ruined!" I said as i started to wipe my makeup off from my cheeks.

"Your getting married today Julie to Justin, your going to be Mrs Bieber, you and Justin are going on your honeymoon" I nodded. "Now lets fix your makeup, we're leaving in a few minutes"

"The weddings on" I looked up at saw Jason at the door. "Its back on" He repeated, smiling at me as i weakly smiled back.

"Thank you" I told him as he nodded.

"We're leaving for the beach, leave as soon as you can," He told us as Rose said okay.

"You okay now?" She asked as i nodded.

"What if i get there and i stand next to him and then he says he doesnt want to marry me, in front of everyone"

"That wont happen i promise you"


The wedding was on a beach so we had no shoes, thankfully for me i didnt have to wear heels. As i stepped out of the car i saw Justin, he didnt look happy, i could see a small smile on his face but i guessed it was fake.

Jason agreed to walk me down the isle a while back, Justin was glaring at the both of us until i reached him and Jason left me.

"Im sorry" I mumbled.

"Me too" He whispered back as he wiped a tears from my face with his thumb, this time i could tell the smile on his face was real.

"Justin drew Bieber do you take Juliet Ellie Lawson to be your lawful wedding wife?"

"I do" He smiled.

"Juliet Ellie Lawson, do you take Justin Drew Bieber to be your lawful wedding husband?" I looked away from him and to the audience and i could have sworn i saw Adam sitting there in the front row with a smile on his face, causing me to smile as i turned back to Justin.

"I do" Seeing Adam or that quick second with a smile on his face, it was like he was agreeing to me marrying Justin and thats what had been bothering me and now i knew i was free from it and Adam didnt mind, he just wanted me to be happy.

"I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride" The man said as Justin smashed his lips against mine as i heard everyone cheer, a few more kisses were placed on my lips as i felt Justin's hand in mine as we walked back down the isle, getting covered in confetti.

After we greeted everyone we got out photos taken and i could tell Justin made stupid faces in half of them. Eventually we got time alone before we had to jet off on a plane and that was strolling down the beach.

"Why did you hesitate to say i do?" He asked. "Was it Adam?"

"How'd you know?" I asked him.

"Jason told me you wanted to marry him.. and i know im not him and im far from being anything like him but-"

"Justin i love you for being you and i dont want you to change, i looked away into the crowd and i could see Adam and the smile on his face was enough for me to be happy, ever since he died i just thought about him dying with all the hate towards me, but now i know he doesnt hate me, he didnt die hating me" I smiled to myself.

"Baby when i saw him he told me he loved you and that he always would, he could never hate you and you know that"

"Im sorry i never told you about-"

"Shh, it doesnt matter, i talked to Jason, i dont blame you for any of it, okay?" I nodded.


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