Juliet's POV:


Of course i've had detentions before, all because of Bieber and his mates. My mom and dad hate Justin and the boys, they know its always them so they dont blame me.

Funnily enough i was the only one with a maths detention. "Right Miss Lawson, i trust you to sit here, for 30 minutes and then i will be back, i will lock the door, and then i will be back at half 4 to let you out, i have a meeting to i will not be back, there shouldnt be anyone else in here, so just write lines, i dont know, goodbye" She said and locked the door.

Great teacher she is.

Im always left alone in detention, the teachers 'trust me'. Sadly i left my bag in my locker so my phone was locked away so i had to sit here in silence for an hour on my own.

It was about 5 minutes in to my boredom when the door started to unlock, i was a little freaked out as the blurred glass didnt represent my female teacher. I was already out of my seat, sat at my teachers desk actually, looking for some damn keys, i froze and looked across at the door. 

The door instantly swung open to reveal no other that Justin Bieber. He didnt seem to notice me as he strolled in and re locked the door as he span around, me making him jump as his eyes were glued on me.

"When the fuck did you get here?!"

" have a detention remember? Thanks to you, now would you be so kind to open the door and let me out, i cant sit in here for another 50 minutes" I said, standing up and walking closer to him.

"Dont think so sweet cheeks, i have a detention too" I chocked.

"You let yourself in to a detention?" He nodded.

"By the time Miss comes back and im not here i'd be fucked and i cant afford to move to yet another school so your stuck with me and i didnt put you up as much of a bad girl sneaking out" I sighed and walked back over to my original desk as Justin walked over and pulled up a chair and sat next to me.

This isnt the only time i've been in a detention with him but theres been more than just us two.

"What?" I spat.

"Hows your head?" I rolled my eyes.

"Fine, thanks for your concern"

"Welcome babe"

"Dont ever call me that again"  I spat

"Woah Lawson, calm down, clearly you've never had a boyfriend"

"Thats non of your business, just leave me alone" I growled.

"Lets talk about Chantel"

"Lets not"

"Why not?" He smartly replied.

"Because i know all you want to do is get in her pants"

"Yeah so now im warning you to back off" He whispered close to my ear, i gulped. "Chantel doesnt need you making decisions for her, shes a grown woman and if she wants me to fuck her senseless then i can do that but we dont need you getting in the way, otherwise it will be the otherway round, and i wont be gentle with you, clear?" I nodded "Good girl" He chuckled.

"You've never had a girlfriend.." I trailed off, staring down at my hands as i played with my nails.

"Whats it to you?"

"N-Nothing" I shrugged.

"I dont want a girlfriend, i've had offers but i dont want to be tied down to just one girl, if you wants so innocent i could fuck you on this desk, right now" I gulped.

"Go fuck yourself" I spat back as his ran his fingers through his hair.

"You always find a way to answer back, dont you?" 

"I wouldnt need too if you wasnt always so cocky"

"This is why you have no friends, you can be a real bitch sometimes, in fact all the time, im surprised Chantel hangs around with you, she can do a lot better" I closed my eyes and tried to hold my tears in.

"Justin, give me the keys" I whispered, my voice trying not to break, i re opened my eyes, thankfully i didnt shed a tear but i wanted too. 

"Juliet.. i-i"

"Give me the keys Justin" He knew i was offended by his comment as i actually said his first name and not any other insult and plus my expression gave it away.

I held out my shaky hand as slowly he passed them over.

"Julie i didnt-"

"Justin its fine, you never mean it" I sighed and got up, wiping a tear that fell with my sleeve as i hurried over to the door, throwing his keys back in the room as i walked out.

Justin's POV:

This is why she fucking pisses me off. I mean i like the girl but she cant take a damn joke. She takes it too seriously, no way in the world would i go near her let alone fuck her, she needs to calm down, the only bit i was fucking serious about was Chantel and her being an annoying fuck.

Shes the only reason i came to this damn detention, Chaz told me to mess with her, i dont even have a detention but Miss always leaves the good students alone for an hour so i thought i'd slip in. 

I growled and got up, walking out the room, collecting my keys off the floor as i locked it back up. Thankfully she didnt ask where the keys came from. I was walking to exit the school when i passed Julie's locker, it was right by the doors, she was there, but so was Chaz.

"Fuck off Chaz!" She yelled as she slammed her locker.

"Oh c'mon Lawson your a pussy, you never have any fun, let loose once in a while, you take things way too seriously" He laughed as i just stood and watched from behind the corner.

"Well maybe i will, at another school, i've got 4 months left here and i'll be out of your hair, go find someone else to pick the shit out of because im done, i'd be an idiot to stand here and pour my emotions and feelings out because i know you dont care so go fuck yourself and tell your friends that too" She spat as she walked out the doors, still in tears.

"Justin!" He shouted as he turned and saw me walking over to him. "God shes so stuck up her own ass"

"I agree" I told him "That was a complete waste of time"

"Well done you made her cry" He chuckled.

"I didnt want too.." I mumbled.

"Bieber going soft already?" Pfft.


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