Chapter 5 - The mistake.

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-3 Days Later-

Its nearly done, i decided to do it by myself, at least Chantel got a good partner, the other smart kid in the class actually. I got Bieber.

"C'mere" Justin said to me as he smoked yet his 2nd cigarette while sat here. "Lets have a break"

"You mean me have a break and no"

"Please i wanna try something"

"If it has anything to do with that 'thing' in your hands i dont want to know" I sighed and put the books on the floor along with the rest of our work.

"Please Julie, its fun, trust me, just come" He said, patting the space inbetween his legs as i slowly crawled over to him and sat between his legs, feeling slightly uncomfortable but Justin clearly didnt care. "Dont move" He said harshly "Just do what i do" I nodded, not wanting to say no as he took a puff on his cigarette before connecting his lips with mine, the strange feeling hit me again, this time my mouth filling with smoke as he pulled away and i blew it out.

"That was fucking hot" He chuckled.

I was lost for words. "W-Why did you do it?"

"Because it teaches you not to cough" Lies.

He put it out as i still sat between his legs, it didnt even cross my mind to move, not until Justin's hands rested on my hips. "I wish you didnt run away from me the other night" He began, rubbing my sides.

"Justin no" I sighed, trying to get out of his grip but i made it worse as he grabbed my hands and stopped me from moving.

"I really wanna kiss you again" He blurted out in a whisper.

"Justin you hate me" I reminded him.

"I never hated you, it was just fun to pick on you because you took it too seriously" He chuckled, letting my hands go as his hands returned my my hips.

"It wasnt fun" I replied bluntly. "You caused me so much pain and i dont think kissing me would make it better because-" As i was talking he smahed his lips against mine, pulling away not long after.

"Sorry you talk too much" He chuckled, staring deeply in to my eyes as i tried not too look at him. "Look at me" I did what he said as he had a smile on his face. "dont tell me you didnt like it"

"I didnt like it"

"Then prove it"

"How do i-" Yet again i got cut off as he forcefully pressed his lips against mine, i kissed back as i felt him smile in to the kiss as his tongue asked for enterance which i accepted. I was too in to the kiss to notice Justin's hands wondering up my shirt, when i realised i pulled back.

"J-Justin" I was out of breathe, his hands remained up my shirt as we sat there, breathing heavily in silence.

"How the fuck are you so thin im scared im gonna break you" I giggled at his comment. 

"This means nothing, okay?" He nodded, popping the button on my shirt undone, if my parents found out about this i'd be killed. I really wanted to kill myself right now.

I was still breathing heavily, even more when my shirt got discarded. "I never thought my first time would be with you" I said, my forehead pressed against his. 

"Me either" He chuckled. "Nothing?"

"Nothing" I nodded, agreeing with him.


A mistake.

A huge mistake.

I couldnt think of anything else to call it other than a mistake.

Justin was still asleep when i woke up, looking at my phone, 12 messages and 19 missed calls from my parents fuck.

I quickly hopped out the bed and got my clothes on again, i did not want to lay there and get kicked out so i thought i'd leave myself. I probably made the biggest idiot of myself last night and i cant do this to Chantel. I need to tell her. 

I left as soon as i could, thankfully it was the weekend so i didnt have school today but i did have to go home and face my parents.

"Juliet Ann Lawson! Where were you last night?!"

"I uh stayed round Chantel's, we're working on a project and i guess we just fell asleep, i didnt plan it, honestly, we just were so tired, we fell asleep, ring and ask her if you want, im sorry"

"We were worried sick! We were thinking about phoning the police if you didnt come back this morning!"

"Im sorry, i dont know what else to say"

"Well Missy your grounded, no phone, no laptop, no television!"

"Mom!" I yelled.

"No! That was out of order Juliet! Your mothers right!" 

"It wasnt even my fault!" I screamed and ran up the stairs.

Fuck Justin and fuck my feelings. Its bullshit.



This monday was going to be just great because Justin's in nearly every class. As my phones been taken off me i dont know wether he'd been texting or calling, hopefully he hadnt.

Pe was before lunch, i was expecting to get hit in the face with the ball and i did, which meant Chantel taking me to the nurses and returning and having to sit out. She told me to go get changed as there was only 15 minutes of the lesson left.

She gave me the keys and i went back to the changing rooms. As i was bent over, picking my clothes up all the showers were turned on, i gapsed and stood up, turning around i saw Justin, too getting soaked. "You've been ignoring me all day so i'd figured this would get your attention"

"Justin you just soaked everything!"

"No to mention you first walked out on me and secondly your ignoring my texts and calls"

"Thanks to you i got fucking grounded!" I spat. "If i hadnt of walked out you would have dropped me like you dropped every other girl! It was a mistake, okay?"

"I dont see it as a mistake" He said as he took a step closer. "I enjoyed it actually"

"I dont believe you"

"Fine then i'll show you" He said, softly pressing his lips against mine as he shoved me back against the wall. "Jump" He mumbled against my lips as i did, wrapping my legs around his waist as we continued our makeout session. The showers too wouldnt stop as we continued getting soaked.

We both heard the click of a camera and the doors slam, we pulled away as he placed me back on the floor. "Someone just took a picture"I gulped.

"No shit sherlock" He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "This is not good"


OH no, whos taken the picture?

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