Chapter 47 - It all ends well

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Juliet's POV:

After arriving in hawaii to our own little beach villa we got unpacked and laid on the bed, rolling over i checked the time, it was 11:45. The flight was quite long.

"You look pretty hot in that dress but im sure your gonna look better without it on" He winked as he stood up and began to take off his suit until he was left in just his boxers, hovering over me as he undone my wedding dress, laying it on the floor, discarding my bra next.

"Justin i need to tell you something" I told him as i cupped his face, pulling him down so his forehead was against mine. "And it cant wait any longer"

"What is it?" I took one of my hands and put it over his as i guided it down to my stomach.

"Im pregnant" I whispered as i saw his face light up in a huge smile. "Its definetly mine, right?"

"Yes you idiot, we're having a baby together, okay?" He couldnt wipe the smile off his face as he sat down on the bed and pulled me to sit between his legs as both his hands were placed on my stomach. "I was so scared earlier that you were gonna leave me and this baby and i'd be a single mother"

"Shh, you should never think like that me and you are gonna be great parents, both of us, together, im never gonna leave you, i over reacted earlier, im sorry"

"Its okay" I weakly smiled.

"Your so adorable" He chuckled as i blushed, hiding my face in my hands. "Dont hide your beautiful" He said, removing my hands as i laughed.

"Can i take your hair out?" I nodded. "It looks good curly" He began, kissing my bare neck as he took the grips out and placed them on the side as my long curly brown hair began to flow down my back. "So. Beautiful" He muttered as he kissed my collar bones and back up to sucking on my neck. "Mrs Bieber" I felt him smirk against my skin as i rolled my eyes.

"I like it" I giggled.

"Me too" He replied "Juliet Bieber" He said proudly. "I love you"

"I love you too"

My wedding day didnt turn out to be that bad after all.


-6 Months Later-

"Can you leave me- like-"

"Yeah course" Justin said, kissing my head as he walked off in to the distance as i knelt down besides Adam's grave.

"Hey" I knew i was talking to myself but i hoped in some world Adam heard me. "I really miss you, like crazy, i know its been a while since i've been here what with the wedding and now im 6 months pregnant and i look like an elephant" I giggled to myself. "I really thought i saw you at the beach and your stupid smile that i always used to laugh at, that made me smile so thank you, me and Justin are incredibly happy right now, but theres an empty part of me that he will never fix and thats you, im still not exactly sure what happened that night between you and Chantel and one day i wanna know, you were my best friend and now your gone, i-i found it really hard, i'd do anything to have you back, i really, truly miss you and i hate that the last time i spoke to you we wasnt exactly on terms, i wish i could have changed what i last said to you, im sorry" I wiped a tear from my eyes as i stood back up i felt Justin's arms around me.

"Can we go home now?" He nodded as he took my hand in his as we began to walk away.

"If we have a boy we're calling him Adam" Justin smiled.

"No, we're calling him Jaxon" I heard Justin laugh.

"Really?" I nodded. "I love you" He grinned.

"I love you too" I grinned "I thought the night we got drunk was a mistake" He shook his head. "I was proved wrong" I smiled as he did.

It all ends well in the end. 



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