Chapter 12 - Distract him

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Juliet's POV:

As me and Justin stood on my balcony, me only in his shirt, him in his boxers, his arms lightly wrapped around me as his head was on my shoulder. It was incredibly warm outside, plus we needed to cool down.

"They want it out by friday" I told him as we were talking about the picture.

"Well tomorrow is thursday so we'll go in to Bryce's room at the end of the day and look through some files, you might have to distract him"

"Distract him?" I questioned

"While i look through his files"

"And why cant you distract him?"

"Because your the sexy one"

"What if he drugs me and fucks me?"

"Its cool, that'll give me enough time to get the pictures deleted" He laughed.

"Justin!" I said and hit his arm.

"Ow, c'mon its Bryce we're talking about anyway if he looks like what he did in the restaurant you wouldnt classify it as rape but i'd fuck him up for doing it" I giggled. 

"When are you gonna tell Chantel?" I asked him.

"Friday once theres no picture, your only mine and i hope you know that"

"But that wont make a difference, you dont want to be seen with me at school, its cool i-"

"I dont care" He told me.

"You dont care?" I said, turning round to face him as i wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Not anymore" He shrugged "We havent got long left at school so i dont care and i hope you know once school finishes your moving in with me"

"And your mom?" I giggled.

"No" He chuckled "Just us two, in our own home"

"With what money?"

"My mom said she'd help me out plus me and you have both got savings" I nodded with a smile on my face, him also.

I slowly lent in to kiss him before he turned out in to a full make out session on the balcony. "Up for round two before your parents get back?" He chuckled as i nodded.

"Go on then" I said as he picked me up, walking me back inside.

Chantel's POV:

If it wasnt for my mom i wouldnt of had to of walked past Julie's house for a second time tonight, just because i had to do some shopping. As i was on my way back i looked up to her room, her parents still not home. I saw her and no mistake, Justin, on her balcony, she was in his shirt and he was only in his boxers, my jaw dropped to the floor.

If it wasnt for the light on the roof i wouldnt have been able to see it was them so easily, so i thought i'd video it, make it more special for friday. Just to catch them kissing and Justin carrying her back inside. Perfect.


Juliet's POV:

"Distract him" Said Justin.

As Bryce is one of the smartest kids in the school he had his own classroom 'office' thing which me and Justin were going to be invading today, well now.

"Hey Bryce" Still in glasses, curly hair, green eyes like usual.

"H-Hi Juliet, w-what do you want?"

"Just wondering if you wanted to go get a drink and something to eat"

"B-But you should be going home, its after school"

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