Your First Fight (sad)

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Austin’s POV

“Hey Robert guess what?” I say. “What?” Robert asks cleaning his gold sneakers he bought in Japan. “I kinda wanna prank (y/n). Prank her good.” “Why?” Robert asks. “She keeps scaring me for vine and I wanna get her so good she almost shits her pants.” I say still thinking of a good plan. “Wait I got something.” I say. “Oh tell me.” Robert says smirking.

Your POV

I Finished cleaning the last bit of my room. I hate it when Austin comes over and sees my pig pen of a room. Nothing worst than him seeing my lingerie splattered across my room. I decide to do my makeup. I grab the mascara and strip it across my eyelashes. A ding comes from my cell phone. A call from Robert. Why was he calling me? Confusion spread across my face. “Hello?” I nonchalantly say. “(Y/N) I need help quick. Austin’s in the hospital. He got into a car crash. I just don’t know what to do he just needs you.” I start panicking. The words Austin and hospital made me want me to throw up. “I’ll be right over!” I quickly retort ending the call. I slam down my crimson red lipstick and slide on my flip flops. The hospital was 10 minutes away and I sped a little bit due to the fact my boyfriend was in the hospital. I wanted to cry but I couldn’t. I need to be brave for Austin. When I reached the hospital I ran to the room Austin was in. Robert texted me it. I open the door. “Austin are you okay-” I stop.

Austin and Robert were both on their phones. Austin had no crutches; no casts no nothing. “What’s going on?” I frustratedly  said. “Well  you finally arrived.” Austin says grinning walking over to me. He leans in for a hug but a push him away. “what the hell is going on!” I yell. “Babe calm down, it was just a joke. You scare me all the time and I just had to get revenge.” Austin says putting his hands on my shoulders trying to calm me down. I shrug them off. “Stop. My jokes were just harmless little scares. This. Well this was terrifying. You know how scared I was? Knowing whether or not it could be very serious.” Austin’s face suddenly changes from confident to worried. “Hey I’m sorry I didn’t know this would affect you so much.” I furrow my eyebrows. “Just leave me alone Austin.” I tell him as I slam the door in his face..

A/N: I figured it should be a two part imagine?? Well message me yes or no to whether I should make a part two or not (:

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