Austins Sick (cute)

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Austin is sick. You tried to go over and comfort him but he refused to let you over, claiming you would get sick as well. He did agree to text you all day. "It's like you'll be right here with me!" He said. From the sounds of his texts you could tell he wasn't doing so well. You go to the store and buy some candy, chicken noodle soup, movies, and Gatorade. When you get to his house you knock on his door and seconds later his mom appears. She gives you a warm smile and says, "He's upstairs." You walk upstairs and open his door to see him sleeping. You sit down next to him and caress his face, which is really warm. He looks miserable. He slowly opens his eyes and a smile appears on his face. "I told you not to come..." He starts. "Too bad." you smirk. "I brought you stuff." You say. "Thanks, boo." He says. He starts to go to kiss you, but pulls back with a frown. You laugh and kiss him softly. "I needed that..." He mumbles then kisses you again, resting his hand on your leg. "Now...whatcha got there." He asks motioning to the bag.

A/N: I Know its a short one! but it just came to my mind .

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