Austream Together

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“Austin, no!” you whine, dragging out the ‘no’ for the 15th time, yes you had been counting. “Please they all want you to it’s even trending on twitter!” You looked down at Austins computer #(Y/N)onAustream was trending. “Well.. so it is but I don’t want to! I get enough hate as it is I don’t want to open myself up to more.” you said as you started to walk to the kitchen “(Y/N)! I won’t let anyone hurt you, okay? Plus they wouldn’t trend it if they didn’t want you to pleeeeeaase?” you opened the fridge and as you were about to say no untill you felt arms rap around your waist and a light kiss on your neck. “Fine…” you grumble, rolling your eyes “YAY!” Austin kissed your cheek and ran to set up his laptop as you grabbed some bread from the fridge and stuck some in the toaster “Okay babe, it’s up.” You jumped on Austins bed. “Hey! hows everyones day today?” you heard Austin chirp you sat up and waved to all the Mahomies “Hey!!” you said smiling. You started reading the comments as Austin got his guitar and started singing. *YOU’RE SO PRETTY AUSTIN’S SO LUCKY!* *I love your shirt where did you get it?* *You’re so gorgeous! <3*. You smiled reading the comments and thanked everyone for their kind words. Austin sang about 4 songs before he stopped in the middle of ‘Let Me Love You’ and looked at you. “What’s that smell?” he said and you sniffed the air “It smells like something’s burning!” Your eyes widened, “OH MY GOD!” you said running out of Austins room into the kitchen Austin following with his laptop. The toaster was on fire! you went to go find the fire extinguisher. You came back in the room to see Austin ready to dump water on it, “AUSTIN IT’S ELECTRIC YOU CAN’T DO THAT” you yelled spraying the toaster with the fire extinguisher and hitting the smoke alarm that was now going off with a broom. You both stood there looking at the toaster for a bit when Austin started busting up laughing and then you followed suit. You guys walked over to the laptop which in all your luck was positioned to where they could see everything. “Ummmm well I think that’s all for now we have to clean this up.” Austin said as he formed one half of a heart while you formed the other as he shut off the computer. You both cleaned up the mess. “I’m hungry…” he said as he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. He set you down on the couch “Ok but I’m not making anything…” you said raising an eyebrow “Yeahh… maybe we should go out to eat.” later that night #DontBurnDownTheHouse(Y/N)andAustin was trending. hope you like it :)

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