Moving In With Him

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You and Austin where off and on for a few years but things started to get serious between you and him. You two would always talk about everything so it didn’t surprise him when you came running to him when you had issues with your family. “What’s wrong babe” he asked. “Just issues” you said. “you ok?” he said. “yea im ok” you said. He held you close to his chest trying to keep you warm. “Your shaking baby” he said. “im fine Austin ” you said. “come inside so we can talk” he said. You agreed to go inside with him, sitting in front of the fire place as he made two cups of hot coca. “Whip cream? Or marshmallows?” he said. “Whip cream please” you said with a smile. He came back to you and sat next to you putting the hot coca down in front of you wrapping his arm around you pulling you close to him. “tell me all of your problems” he said. You started to talk to him about everything that was going on. With your parents and with your sister it was just to much for you to handle. He could see that you were stressed out when you didn’t have to be, he wanted to do something to help you. “Can I ask you something?” he asked. “sure baby” you said as you rested your head on his shoulder. “Would you move in with me?” he asked. “What?” you said as you looked up at him. “Will you move in with me?” he asked once more. “Why?” you said. “to get away from your issues from everything that’s stressing you out” he said. You sat up and looked at him trying to see if he was serious or not, you looked into his eyes and you could tell that he was serious. “You would want me to move in with you?” you asked. “I got this big house with no one to share it with, would be nice if my girlfriend would be here when I come home” he said. “Really?” you said with a smile. He leaned in and kissed you softly showing you his answer, he wanted you to move in with him. It took you some time but you finally agreed to move in with him, he came over to your place and helped you packed. “ooh I found the panty draw” he said. “Austin ” you shouted. “look at these ones” he said as he picked out a pair. You pushed him as he wrapped his arms around you keeping you close to him. “I love you” he said. “I love you” you say. “Finally making us official” he said. “Making us official finally after so many years” you said. “Yea I know but you’re the one I want” he said. You finished packing your stuff as he helped you, moving into his house was easy. Now getting used to being around him all the time was more of a challenged, you hated how he did things but you started to get used to him as he got used to you. He never knew girls would have so many products but he was getting used to it. He never had to get used to you leaving because he never let you go. It was the best feeling when he came home to you and you were the one that was there waiting for him. Nothing could take him from you nor could anyone take you from him. 

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