I'm Thirsty (cute)

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Babe, don’t you feel thirsty?" Austin said to you. You both were cuddling while waiting for the plane to catch. You looked up to see his face.

“I feel sleepy, to be honest,” you said to him. He rubbed your head.

"I will buy you some coffee," he said as he glanced at Alex. “Alex, let’s go find some drinks,” he said to him. Alex nodded and they both got up and walked to the Starbucks not too far from the place you all were. You were just sat there waiting and looked outside the window seeing planes ready to take off. Minutes later there’s a information that said your plane are ready to take off in the next 10 minutes. You looked around to find where’s Austin but you couldn’t find him. You couldn’t find Alex neither. You tried to called him but there’s no signal. You sighed. You hope you didn’t miss the plane because that will be so bad…

Five minutes later…

"Y/N!" Austin shouted from behind. He smiled as he brought two cups of coffee in his hand. You rolled your eyes at him then laughed.

"I thought someone kidnapped you because you’re so long," you said to him as you sipped the coffee. Now your energy up a bit. He cuddled you.

"Oh, well. I already been kidnapped. By you," he said as he winked at you. You laughed.

"Guys, stop being so cute. I’m so jealous," Alex said, flapping his hand. You and Austin laughed.

“Sorry, Alex,” you said to him then Austin kissed your cheek. Alex rolled his eyes at Austin.

"Nice, Austin. Nice," Alex said as he turned back from Austin and you. Austin and you laughed again. Then finally the plane was ready to take off.

"Austin, I feel so sleepy…" you said to him. He smiled as he picked you up bridal style. He kissed your forehead. "You’re such a sleeping beauty," he said as he brought you to the plane.


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