We Have Something Planned (DIRTY)

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Imagine for @jakyvalencia hope you like it  :))

(A/n: I hope its not to dirty for you lol )

Austin & I sat in the living room, cuddled up to each other. I was sitting down so his feet were around my waist & his arms were wrapped around my stomach.

"Are you guys sure you don’t wanna come have dinner with us?" Alex & Sarah stood in the doorway.

"We’re sure. Just wanna spend the day with my princess. We have something planned." Austin kissed the top of my head and made me blush.

Alex shrugged & went out the door with Sarah. I looked up at Austin & gave him a smile. He looked down at me & kissed my nose.

"Why’d you say we had something planned?" I giggled because we obviously had no plans at all.

"Because we do.." His lips were so close to my ears, it made me shiver.

"What’s that..?" I raised an eyebrow although i had some idea as to what he was referring to.

"I was hoping you’d say that" He smirked & started kissing me softly.

I smiled into the kiss & shifted a little so i was now facing him. He slowly pulled away, smiled & kissed my nose. I bit my lip.

"That was your so called "plan" ?" I giggled knowing what he would do next.

He shook his head no & layed me down on the couch. He pulled my top off & started trailing kisses from my neck all the way down to my waist. He came back up to my face & planted a kiss on my lips. He took off his shirt as i layed there, looking at his toned body, and bit my lip. He winked when he caught me looking. I smiled as he continued to take his pants off. He looked at me & unzipped my jeans. I lifted my legs up so that way they were easier to take off. He threw my pants on the floor & grabbed hold of my legs. He put one on each of his shoulders & leaned in to kiss my neck again. He sat up again, my legs still on his shoulders, & slowly slid my panties off. I helped him out a little by taking off my bra. He took of his boxers & his erection popped right up. I stroked his member & he bit his lip. God, he looked so freaking sexy like that! I took my legs off his shoulders & sat on my knees so i was now somewhat at his height level. I ran my hands through his brown hair. He took my left breast in hand & started sucking the nipple. I continued to run my hands through his hair as i also threw my head back.

He layed me down again & lifted my legs up to his shoulders, once again. He positoned his member inbetween my legs & slowly entered me. Once he was fully in, he leaned so he was now laying on top of me. He took each of my hand & intertwined it with his. He pushed our intertwined hands on top of my head & slowly began thrusting. I moaned as he thrusted again & again, his speed slowly increasing. He looked me in the eyes, our noses touching, before he kissed me softly. In the middle of the kiss, he gave a hard thrust, which made me moan into the kiss, which made him smile. He pulled away & kissed my stomach. I wrapped my legs around his waist & his thrusts became slower. Soon, he came inside me. I moaned one last time. He pulled out & put his boxers back on. He helped me put all of my clothes back on while i helped with his.

"What a good day to spend a Friday night" I said, giggling.

He laughed & wrapped his arms around my chest, my hands trapped. He put his head on my shoulder & whispered in my ear.

"The best Friday night ever" & kissed my ear.

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