You Tell Austin Your Pregnant (cute) {koradarden}

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imagine for @koradarden (sorry it took so long I was writing it and my laptop died :(( )

You sighed & put the test on the counter.

You guys didn't use a condom this time & you didn't take birth control.

He didn't need this at the time. He had just got back from tour & he was siked about his new album coming out. This was surely not the news he needed to hear.

You were pregnant. You were carrying his baby. Yes, that excited you..but would he be excited to? You guys both were still young. He just turned 20 & you were 19. Not ready for a child yet. Especially not ready to raise your child in the public eye..not at all.

It was 6:39 p.m. When you finished cooking dinner. You made spaghetti. Austin would be home in any minute from his interview with Wendy Williams.

Ten minutes later you heard a door close...& the front door of y'all's house open.

"BABE!! I'm home!! Oooh it smells good in here!" He ran to the kitchen smiling to find you sitting down with the plates of spaghetti neatly set on the dining table.

"You made dinner, babe?" He raised an eyebrow.

You nodded trying to smile.

He slowly took his leather jacket off & placed it behind the chair & sat down across from you.

"How'd it go?" You asked barely eating.

He ate viciously & took a quick chug of the lemonade you made.

"It was boring. HA. Just was okay & ---"

You cut him off mid sentence.

"AUSTIN I'M PREGNANT." Word vomit. You looked away from him.

He set his fork down & it got really quiet.

"It was that night we didn't use protection...wasn't it...?" He cleared his throat.

You nodded. "Yeah. That night."

"I'm not mad....I chose to not use it." He sighed getting up.

"I'm sorry." You looked up at him. He didn't meet your eye.

"Baby. I love you. But. A kid is just something I really don't need right now.." He sighed again.

You felt your heart fall to your stomach. "Yeah. I know."

You went back to bed & layed there.

You were about to doze off until a twitter notification woke you up.

"@AustinMahone Looks like I'm going to be a daddy!! :) I love you princess @_YN!"

Suddenly, you smiled & your heart stopped hurting.

He accepted it.

You ran downstairs to the living room & jumped onto the couch with him. He was watching family guy, but you caught his attention.

"I love you." You kissed him smiling.

"Whoa, whoa..careful with our little bundle of joy in there!" He chuckle kissing your forehead.

You giggled & snuggled close to him.

"I was thinking of names..Carter for if it's a boy & Michele if it's a girl." He stroked your face.

"I like that."

"Mmmmmhmmmm..& I like the idea of my child getting to be there after I perform & taking them out to get ice cream &..." he went on & on.

Reassuring you many times that he was excited to become a daddy & couldn't wait.

imagine for @koradarden (sorry it took so long I was writing it and my laptop died :(( )

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