First baby

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"Just a few more pushes, (YN), just a few more and then we’ll have our baby with us. Keep going." Austin encouraged you and you took a deep breath and began to push once again. You pushed for another hour and a half before you finally heard the screams of your tiny newborn baby. "It’s a boy!" the doctor screamed placing him on your chest. You head tears streaming down your face as Austin kissed your forehead and put his hand on top of your son’s head. "Hey there little guy. You’re finally here! You’re finally here, mine and mommy’s wait is finally over." "He’s handsome!" you say through your tears and Austin nodded. "Yes, he sure is. You did a good job, (YN)! Now, how about a name for our baby boy?" You grinned as the doctors took him away to clean and weigh him. "Lets name him Carter." you mumble and Austin thinks about it for a minute before smirking down at you. "Carter Alex Mahone. Sound okay?" The nurses brought your son back to you and you giggled while Austin wedged himself onto the bed next to you. "I love it. Hi Carter Alex  Mahone, mommy and daddy love you so so much. Welcome to the world!"

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