The Wedding (romantic)

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Austin is in a nice suit, standing in front of a 40 year old man, with his best friend standing to his left, Alex. He is starting to get impatient, he has been standing and waiting for 10 minutes, that may not seem like long but it is when its the most important day of your life. Its his wedding day.

He has waited 10 years to get married to the love of his life, as soon as he met her he knew she was the one. Now he is waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle, but she’s late. He knows its normal for the bride to be a little late, but the longer he waits the more nervous he is getting.  

15 minutes later than planed, the doors open, Austin is too nervous to turn around at the moment. The music starts playing and the bridesmaids walk in, there is three of them, Lauren, Claire and Amanda and they are wearing blue dresses. They walk down the aisle and when they stand to Austin’s right he looks at them and they smile so he smiles back.  

The doors open again and in walks (Y/N), Austin turns around and looks at her, all he can think is ‘wow’. You walk down the aisle smiling at Austin and he’s smiling back.

You stands opposite Austin. “hi” Austin whispers, you whispers “hi” back. “Okay lets get started shall we” the vicar starts of the ceremony.  

He talks for a bit but Austin and you are just looking at each other in awe. “Austin, do you take (Y/N) to be your lawful wedded wife?” the vicar looks to Austin who smiles, nods and says “I do” the vicar turns to you and asks “do you, (Y/N), take Austin to be your lawful wedded husband?” “I do” you says straight away.

You both say your vows and put the rings on each others fingers and then the vicar says “I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride” Austin lifts you up and kisses you like he hasn’t kissed he in years.   

They leave the church, take the wedding photos and then head to where the reception is being held. Everyone goes to where they are sitting and wait for the couple to come in the room. A man says through a microphone “please stand for Mr and Mrs Mahone” everyone stand as you and Austin walk in.   

Once seated they get started with the speeches. First up was your father. “I’m going to keep this short and simple. Austin, I’m so glad my daughter found someone like you, I know you will take care of my baby girl for the rest of your lives, and if you don’t, you’re dead” people laugh at that “I’m serious” he says with a serious look, then joins in the laughing “just take care of her, and (Y/N) I’m so proud of you and love you” He father hugs you and Austin before he sits back down.   

The next speech was the best man’s speech, so it was Alex’s turn. “Well where do I start when it comes to Austin. We met in the 6th grade over a pair of shoes” people laugh “yes a pair of shoes, and since then he has been like my brother, I have seen him grow, and build his career, but the best thing was seeing him fall in love, when he met (Y/N) he become so much happier, he said it was love at first sight for him, and I can agree with him, I was with him when he first looked at her and I could just see it in his eyes, he had finally met the person he would spend his life with, but you know what the first thing he said to us when we asked who he was looking at, he sad ‘I’m going to fuck that like there is no tomorrow’ and I’m not joking, he said it so he didn’t sound like he was going all soft on us, all we did was laugh and told him to go for it” Alex turns to you dad “he didn’t by the, at least not for a few months” Austin hits him and tells him to shut up, Alex shakes his head “nope I’m not done yet. Their first date, (Y/N) doesn’t know this but after their first date it was like Austin was a teenage girl, you know like how they go off telling their best friends everything, he was like that, he rang me and told me everything, I almost fell asleep while on the phone, but I knew that she was something different to him without him saying cause he has never done that after a date. I want to tell you about his stag night though” Austin looks up at Alex in horror “shit no” he say, “sorry bro, I’m telling them, on his stag night there was about 8 of us, and obviously we got drunk, but the drunkest out of us all was Austin by far. We went to London for it, and we had been out for a few hours, I was around midnight and some girl tried to chat Austin up, but he was having none of it, he tried to explain that he wasn’t single but cause he was so drunk it just came out in slurs, the girl started dancing, but you know not any kind of dancing, on him, he didn’t like it, he pushed the girl of, said sorry and walked over to where the rest of us were sitting, he put his head on my shoulder and I asked what’s up, and he said and I quote ‘my penis if I don’t get in (Y/N) soon’ he was so drunk he didn’t realise what he said and looked confused when we all laughed. I found it funny, and a little later all that came out of his mouth was things like ‘I miss (Y/N), I want to see (Y/N), I want to hug my baby’ and stuff like that, it went on until we got him to sleep. The next morning he didn’t remember a thing. Neither could I though, that’s all I remember from that night. Well anyway congrats guys, I’m so happy for you and know that you will have an amazing life together” Alex goes to sit down but just before he does he says “oh and the end it off, we are surprised you’re married to a girl right now cause we all thought you were gay when we were younger” Alex sits down, and Austin just looks at him “you’re a twat” he says shaking his head.  

Austin stands up “okay firstly let me say, I’m not gay, not in any shape or form. And I’m just going to keep this short cause I’m not great with speeches, (Y/N) ever since I met you I knew I wanted to spend my life with you, and today you have made me the happiest man in the world, I love you more than anything” you smile at him, Austin leans down and kisses you and you whispers “I love you too” Austin stand back up straight “and I want to thank everyone for coming today, it means a lot to us to spend today with all of you, oh and thanks for not shouting anything stupid out during the speeches” Austin directs that last part to his other best friends, Robert and Zach  “now lets get to the food shall we” Austin sits down and Alex stands back up, Austin looks at him slightly confused “don’t worry its nothing bad” Alex says to him “I just want to make a toast to Austin and (Y/N), so can everyone lift their glasses, to Austin and (Y/N), my best friends and family, I love you guys” everyone shouts “to Austin and (Y/N)” and takes a sip of their drink.  

The rest of the night just gets better and better, for the first dance you danced to ‘Marry Me’ by Train. And everyone started dancing with you towards the end. Everyone was just enjoying themselves. Austin was watching you dance with a few of your friends when you looks over to him, Austin just mimes “hi” to you and you smile, you do the same back and then go back to dancing.   

Alex walks over to Austin, and looks in the direction he is looking “who thought just over 10 years ago we would all be here today” Alex says, Austin says a simple “me” back, Alex looks at him asking for him to say more “I knew that one day I would spend this day with everyone I love, my family, friends, you, and my beautiful wife” he looks to Alex who just nods, Austin smiles and says “you next then?” Alex looks confused “what?” “you’re next, you and Sarah, when you getting married?” Alex looks over to where Sarah is and smiles “soon” Austin nods “cant wait till your stag do, I will make it really bad for you” Alex hits him “shut up, seen as we are talking about the future, when are you going to knock that woman up?” Austin looks at him, lifts his eyebrow and just says “already have” he winks and walks over to where you are. Alex shakes his head and goes over to Sarah and picks up his 4 year old son Jake, kisses Sarah and says “one day” Sarah gives him the look that says I don’t understand “one day, this will be us, I promise” Sarah smiles as Alex takes Jake to the dance floor and joins you and Austin, he whispers to you “congrats on being pregnant” you looks at him and then to Austin “you told him?” Austin shrugs his shoulders “I couldn’t keep it in any more” Alex laughs and says “just like that fast fucker that swam up (Y/N)” you and Austin both hit him and shake your heads. 



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