He Was Jealous (bad/cute)

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I always thought I would be the type that wouldn’t have anyone, I would always go through life thinking I would forever be alone. That wasn’t the case when I meet Austin everything changed, I started to see a future with him and wanted more in my life. I wanted to get married and just settled down with him and it seemed like he wanted to do that as well. It seemed like he wanted the same thing, I moved in with him so we could always wake up in each others arms. “baby?” he asked. “yes?” I said as I walked down the stairs. “there is this party tonight want to go?” he asked. “sure I would like to go” I said. He kissed my cheek and walked into the kitchen to make breakfast. I took my laptop into the kitchen so I could catch up on my writing, since Im a writer for a newspaper I had deadlines. I needed to get this article done but somehow I was distracted but how Austin was cooking. He was only in his boxers and I couldn’t keep my eye off his fine body, I wanted him but I knew that I needed to get this done. “working on something?” he asked. “yea an article” I said. “oh then do it and stop looking at me” he said. I smiled and turned to face my computer and started to write, soon we were eating the breakfast he had made which was amazing. “so the party tonight is it like a formal or just a normal party?” I asked. “just a normal party” he said. I nodded my head as I went back to writing, he cleaned up the kitchen and left. I found myself alone looking in the mirror as I started to get ready for the party. I wanted to look good even though I knew it didn’t matter because it was probably just a bunch of random friends that we knew. That night when we went to the party it was just how I thought it would be but it was just nice to get out of the house and enjoy other people. There was someone new at the party and he caught my attention, I never meet him before so I was interested. I walked over to him and caught his eyes as I could see the smile grow on his face. “Hello beautiful” he said. “Hey” I said with a smile. “I’m Josh” he said. “Nice to meet you Josh, ive never seen you around before” I said. “I’m new, I just moved and they invited me over here” he said. I nodded my head and offered him a drink, things seemed to be going well between us. Austin started to catch on as he kept his eye on us, he didn’t like how flirty we were being towards each other. “Excuse Me” Austin said. “What babe?” I asked. “Who is this” Austin said as he looked towards Josh. “This Is..” I said before Josh interrupted me. “I’m Josh You?” he said. I could feel the tension start to build between them and I didn’t want to cause a big scene. “I’m Austin and She’s MY girl” Austin said. “Really? A beautiful girl with an asshole like you?” Josh said. “Please guys stop” I said. “I’m an asshole? When you saw me come in with her?” Austin said. I pushed Austin back as he started to get into Josh’s face, I just wanted them to stop but I just couldn’t figure out how. “if you would give her attention then she wouldn’t be over here with me” Josh said. Austin pushed me to the side as I end up falling as he went for josh, they were fighting and I was on the floor holding my hand. Something seemed to stop  Austin when he saw me gripping my hand as I was in pain. “Baby?” he said as he got on his knees in front of me. “I’m ok” I said. “let me see” he said as he looked at me. He took my hand into his and looked at it, it wasn't broken just bruised. He picked me up and took me out of the house and walked home with me. Once we got home he put ice on my hand and he kept saying sorry a million times, I knew he felt bad. “It’s ok austin ” I said. “I shouldn’t of acted like that” he said. “Yea you shouldn’t be fighting” I said. “I just got jealous I’m sorry” he said. “Baby I’m with you, I love you no need to be jealous. There isn’t any other guy I want” I said. He smiled and placed his lips onto mine, it was true he had my heart and there wasn’t anyone else that I wanted. 

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