You Asked For It

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'Y/N!' you heard your boyfriend Austin yell as you pushed him into the water. It was a sunny day and you 2 were goofing around.

Austin: Oh, you asked for it gorgeous! Now it’s your turn to feel the water.

You: You have to catch me first then, Mahone!

You started to run and Austin was chasing you. You ran around the pool, through the house straight to your room.

Austin: (Y/N)sweety, that wasn’t very smart. 

He had a cheeky grin on his face. He came closer and closer, you knew he wanted to push you onto your bed but you pretended to kiss him. You pushed him onto your bed and started to run downstairs again. When you finally had reached the pool again you tripped and fell into the water. Austin couldn’t stop laughing. When you climbed out of the pool looking angry but hurt he stopped and looked at you in concern.

Austin: Babe, are you okay?

You: No, leave me alone!

Austin: Babe, I’m so sorry! Where does it hurt?

You: Here!

You pushed Austin back into the pool and jumped in after him. Suddenly you felt a pair of strong arms turning you around, making you face him.You stared into his eyes for 5 seconds, but it felt like forever. You leaned in and he did too. It was the most perfect moment ever.

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