You Guys Get Caught (cute/kinda dirty)

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While you and Austin are watching the movie and he kisses you, and things starts to get hotter and Austin is almost laying on top of you, but then he feel something pushing him out of the couch.

Michele: Honey, you will never learn right?

Austin: Ouch mom, that hurts.

Michele: It's better you stay there little boy.

Austin: Come on mom! We were just kissing!

Michele: But you need to control baby!

You: Don't worry Mama, nothing will happen.

Michele: I can trust you but...

Austin: Come on mom. Get out please.

Michele: I'm gonna trust on her, but you stay quiet and sit little man. I'm going to my room, if you need something...

You: Relax, we are great. Thanks for everything.

Michele: Awn swettie, you are welcome!

Michele goes to her room and Austin throws you a dirty look and kisses you. He's starting to lay on the top of you but you stop him:

You: Hey, your mom just caught us. Let it cold down.

Austin: Don't worry honey.

Austin kisses you quickly and then he stands up and runs to his mother's room. After about 5 minutes he comes back:

Austin: I need to ask you something...

You: Sure... What is it?

Austin: My mom thinks it's a little soon but, do you wanna go on a family dinner tonight?

You: Of course, if there's not problem for you... I think it's better if I stay, I don't wanna cause any problems.

Austin: You are not a problem. I will help you with wherever you need.

You: But what if they don't like me?

Austin: They will love you, and if they don't, I do, and that's what really matters right?

You: Of course, but I wanna make a good impression and I don't have nothing to wear!

Austin: Let me take care of this for you my princess.

Austin grabs his phone and put it on speaker:

Austin: Hey Sarah, what's up?

Sarah: Hey! We are in the mall. I heard that *your name* is going to be moving to Miami with you, are you excited?

Austin: Yes! She's going to stay in my place for a while. Can I ask you for a favor?

Sarah: Of course, what's it?

Austin: *Your name* has no clothes and we are going to a family dinner tonight... Can you bought something for her?

You: Austin, you don't need to... I will pay for it later.

Austin: No, you won't.

Sarah: Aw, of course!

Austin: Perfect. Spend how much you need. I will give you the money later.

Sarah: I will go there in 1 hour ok? Bye!

Austin and you: Bye!

After some time, Sarah gets on the door with Alex and she gives you a beautiful outfit - ( ) and you thank her and she goes away.

You: Where I can change?

Austin: Go in my bedroom.

You: Well, there's one thing...

Austin: What?

You: I kinda need help to change... What Mama would think about it?

Austin: Relax, she is not going to see it. Go to my bedroom and I will be there in 5 minutes.

You go to the bedroom and Austin comes after you.

Austin: So... Let me help you.

Austin takes off your shirt always staring at your bra. He takes off your pants also:

Austin: Girl, you are fit. Can I go on?

You: Thanks but... NO! Your mom is in the other room! Now just help me!

Austin helps you to get dressed and you two just stay there for a while talking, and then you, Austin and Mama goes to the restaurant to met his entire family.

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