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perfect kiss (cute/short)

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You’d joined Austin on tour when you finished school. Austin and you met in LA whilst doing a photoshoot and then because Austin had a few days off, you both stayed and did touristy things around the main hotspots in LA. You two decided to see a baseball game. You saw the Red Sox play some LA based team that you couldn’t remember the name of but it was okay because you and Austin were cheering for the Red Sox anyway. The kiss cam came up and the pair of you eagerly looked up at the screen, ready to poke fun at all of the couples that appeared on the screen awkwardly having to kiss one another. It was actually pretty fun to watch… until suddenly it landed on the two of you. You two hadn’t shared a kiss yet and so you suddenly felt awkward and both blushed. You two both laughed loads before actually leaning in to kiss one another, gently pressing a kiss against Austin’s lips. His hand touched your lower back and he smiled in to the kiss and it was the most perfect first kiss you’d ever had.

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