out in the open (cute)

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You’re sitting backstage at Madison Square Garden at Austin Mahone’s first concert here, it’s sold out and you couldn’t be more proud of him. You and Austin have been dating for a few years now and you got to see him go from that boy in his bedroom with a camera to the boy on stage in front of thousands. You’re talking to Sarah when Austin and Alex walk into the room.

"hey babe" Austin says walking up to you

"hey" he kisses you and sits down next to you pulling you into a side hug, "you excited for tonight?"

"hell yeah, I can’t believe I’m actually going to be performing here, it’s a dream come true" he has a huge smile on his face

"I’m so happy for you" you kiss his cheek

"performing here is gonna be the best but you know what makes it the greatest?"


"you being here with me, I’m so happy I have you by my side through it all"

"aww Austy" you kiss him

"okay okay stop with the lovey dovey stuff, Austin head up your about to go on" Rocco says when he walks into the room. Rocco leaves and Austin kisses you passionately and says "I love you (y/n) more than anything" before leaving.

You, Michele, Alex, Sarah, Robert and Zach head tot he side of the stage to watch the concert. Halfway through the confer, jsut before he sings heart in my hand, which he normally brings a fan on stage and sings it to her he starts to speak

"So the past few years have been crazy, I’ve gone from being a no one to being up on stage in front of thousands, this, this right here is one of my highlights and I wouldn’t be here with any of you mahomies and I’m so thankful for ALL of you" he points around the crowd while they scream, "now, I’m about to sing Heart In My Hand which I normally sing to one of you girls but tonight I wanna sing it to a very special girl who I love with all my heart and has been there from the beginning" the crowd start shouting ‘Mama’ and Austin laughs "no its not mama" he turns to the side of the stage and looks to you "(y/n) come up here"

When your on stage you whisper to Austin “are you sure about this?” as none of his fans know he has a girlfriend “more than I have ever been” he kisses your cheek, “Mahomies this is my beautiful girlfriend (y/n) please dont hate here, she’s amazing, and I want to dedicate this song to her, for being the most amazing girl a guy could ever have” he sits you down on a stool and starts singing.

Later that night you’re back on the tour bus with Austin just talking, “thanks for doing that tonight, you know, letting your fans know and everything”

"it’s okay, I know how hard it is for you keeping us a secret but you don’t have to anymore, and anyways they all love you, but no where near as much as I do" he chuckles and leans in and kisses you softly.

You wake up the next morning and go onto twitter and see Austin has tweeted a picture of you sleeping with the caption isnt my girlfriend so perfect gosh i love her you shake you head while smiling when you look at the time you see its 11:11am and you get a text ‘hey babe im at rehearsals u were wondering where i was i didnt want to wake you cause you looked so calm and beautiful hope you ok! its 11:11 so make a wish ;) i would too but i already have you and ur all i need. love you. text me when ur up ok mwah xx’ you smile to yourself while reading it. “What’s with that smile?” Michele asks “nothing, Austin just the most amazing boyfriend ever that’s all” 

"and you’re the most amazing future daughter-in-law" she laughs "hungry?" she asks handing you a piece of toast.

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