Crushing (cute)

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"You like her too. Right, Austin?" Robert asked him. Austin face turned red.

"Not really…" he answered. Alex sniffed.

"Just tell us already," Alex said, flapping his hand.

"Yeah, before I stole your beautiful voices," Zach said, his eyebrow lifted. Austin laughed.

"Well, guys. Come on. We only know her like 2 months ago, I think it wasn’t a big deal," Austin said. Alex and Zach shook their heads.

"BUT IT IS," Robert tapped Austin’s shoulder. Austin rolled his eyes at him.

"Alright. I kinda have a crush on her a bit," Austin finally be honest. Alex and Zach nodded.

"Nah… We knew it," Robert said, sipping his coffee.

"But let me tell you, Austin. It will never be easy," Zach added. Austin looked at him confusedly. "We’re going to compete like a MAN to get Alyssa. You got it?" Zach said, folding his hand on chest. Austin grinned.

"Sounds challenging. I’m in," he said giving his hand down. Then Alex, Zach, and Robert followed him. They all smiled at each other, sarcastically.

"Ok, guys. Let’s see who will get Alyssa in the end," said Alex. They all then nodded.

"Ok. A-L-Y-S-S-A. ALYSSA!!!" they all cheering as they put their hands on the air together.


"ALYSSA!!!" you heard someone shouting outside your house. You ran to your window to see who it was. It’s Robert. He smiled then you waved at him. You opened the window.

"What’s up?" you asked him.

"I think we can go somewhere!" he shouted. You laughed.

"There’s a technology called a door why don’t you use it instead of yelling outside my house???" you said to him. He laughed.

"I don’t know! I think I want to do something different. Come on jump down. I will catch you," he said, get ready to catch your body.

"Ok, but you have to promise that you will catch me. Will you?" you asked him, getting ready to jump. He smiled.

"I will catch you whenever you fall, Alyssa," he said, smiling. You rolled your eyes at him then laughed. Without saying anything more the you just jump down and yes, he catch you. You laughed so hard when he catch you down.

"What’s so funny???" he asked you, confusedly.

"Nothing! Haha," you replied then he brought you to the nearest park, ate ice cream and talked about future. Robert is a very cute guy.

The next day…

Your phone rang and it was from Zach. You picked it up. “Zach?” you said on the phone.

"Alyssa! Glad to hear your voices!" he said. You could feel he’s smiling right now the way he sounded. You smiled.

"What’s up?" you asked him.

"Well, nothing. I just want to hear your voice anyway," he replied.

"Really???" you teased him. He laughed.

"Alright. Well, I just want to ask you out tomorrow. We’re going to the cinema or something. There’s a new good movie played," he explained.

"Ah, sounds great! What time?" you asked. He’s wondering.

"I’ll pick you up at 4 pm. How is it?" he said.

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