Silent Treatment

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"Honey what are we going to eat for dinner?" Austin asked you while you two were sitting on the sofa.

"pizza?” you suggested.

"I love you” he said smiling.”I’m going to call to order the pizza you can pick a movie and we could watch it after we eat dinner” he said before kissing you in your forehead.

You picked a movie and went to the kitchen were Austin was ordering the pizza.

"Yes…Exactly… and anchovy thank you…" he was talking on the telephone.

He turned around and saw you, with your arms crossed.”what?” he said raising an eyebrow.

"Anchovy? I hate anchovies" You said.

"No, you love them that’s why I ordered that pizza" he said with his eyes wide open.

"What’s my favorite colour?" You asked him to make sure how many things he knew about you.

"red" he said very sure.

"Blue. Which one do I like the most,cats or dogs?"

"you don’t like cats and you hate dogs" he said smiling.

"I like both" you said and went to the living room, sad because you though Austin knew everything about you.

Austin sat next to you 2 minutes latter.”what movie are we going to see?” he asked you but you didn’t answer.”oh, you are giving me the silent treatment aren’t you?” the said laughing.”I’ll be right back” he said and went to the toilet.

Someone knocked at the door. You opened the door and the pizza deliver gave you the pizzas.You opened one of them, but it wasn’t any anchovy.It was actually your favorite pizza.

"I know you hate anchovies, thats why ordered another pizza for you,your favorite" Austin said while hugging you from behind."and I know that your favorite colour is blue, you always wear blue. And you love animals,therefore you also love dogs and cats." he said and kissed your cheek."I was kidding when I answerd those questions.And now, could you please talk to me again?"

You turned around and kissed him. 

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