Forever (cute)

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"Hey babe come here please" you hear austin shout from downstairs. You just got out of the shower.

"One minute I'm getting changed" you throw on sweats and a t-shirt and run down stairs. You go into the kitchen thinking he was in there. "Where are you?" You shout.

"I'm here" he comes in through the back door, "come here" he puts his arms around your waist pulling you close, "I have a surprise for you (Y/N)!"he grabs you hands and pulls you into the garden.

When you're outside you look around and see a blanket in on the grass with a pizza box in the centre, a couple candles scattered around and Austin's guitar.

"What's this?" You ask looking at Austin, he smiles a cheesy smile.

"I wanted to do something special for you but I only had the time you were in the shower to do it, so this is how good it gets with limited time" he says, he kisses you cheek "come on I'm hungry" he pulls you to sit down on the blanket next to him.

After you've both eaten the pizza, Austin eating most of it like usual, he grabs his guitar, "I wrote a song for you" he says as he starts strumming his guitar.

~ insert heart in my hands lyrics here lol ~

"Do you like it?" He asks slightly nervous.

"No. I loved it, thank you" you lean in and kiss him, it's short but sweet.

"Anything for you babe" he puts his guitar to the side and lays on his back, he pulls you down so that you are cuddled into his side, "(Y/N)6?"


"I love you. You're my everything and being with you makes me the happiest guy in the world"

"I love you too Austin, thank you for being the best boyfriend a girl could ask for"

He leans down and kisses you, "stay withe forever?" He asks.

"Forever and beyond"

You both lay there for a while just cuddling looking at the stars.

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