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Austin! (cute/romantic)

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My best friend and I both shouted across the airport lobby. Running towards each other, I launched myself and wrapped my legs around his torso as he spun me around hugging around my waist. "I missed you, so much!" I mumbled. "I miss you, a lot more!", he said placing me down. Robert, Alex and Zach ran up and tackled Austin to the ground. Laughs and yelling were filling the airport lobby. "Alright, guys, calm down. People are staring" Dave said. "DAVE!", the crew and I shouted in unison. We tackled him down as well and hugged for missing the best bodyguard in the world, of course.

After what felt like hours of hugging, we got to ride in Austin mini tour bus. Austin began rambling on about his 2 shows in London with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. It made me so happy to see him smile. But, it wasn't like any other happy emotion, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I would also feel weak on my knees. I don't know why, this hasn't happened before. It's just when he smiles. He smiles with those beautiful, pink lips. Those lips that wouldn't mind kissing all day.

"DAVE!", Robert, who sat next to me, shouted in my ear making me jump which made Zach and Alex laugh. I felt my face burning of embarrassment. "You should drive us to the bowling alley you took us the last time you two were in town!", Robert suggested. "Nope, gotta take you guys home. Sorry.", Dave said over his shoulder.

Everyone was groaning begging him to take us. He finally gave in and began driving towards the bowling alley. "Alright, let's team up!", Alex said, "Austin, Robert and Nikki. And Dave, Zach and I." Everyone agreed, even I did. We all were having a good time, I didn't score anything since I sucked at bowling so much.

"That's your problem", Austin said. I turned a looked at him confused. "Excuse me?", I said. "You're not standing nor holding the ball right. Here, let me help". He placed his hand on my waist positioning me in place, placing the bowling ball on front of me to get a good focused aim. While doing so, he had his head on my shoulder, "Okay, now be optimistic. Think that you'll get all those pins down. Just focus", he said and walked back to his seat.

Yeah, I won't be able to focus after that. So, why even tr- "YEAH! WE WON!" Robert and Austin shouted. Wait. I scored?! Did I really?! All of the pins?! Austin ran towards me and hugged me from behind and spun me around. "You cheated!" Dave said. "Nope, we won fair and square!" Robert said. "Whatever, let's go. I'm upset now." Dave demanded and drove us to the hotel to spend the night.

The boys were sitting in front of the tv playing PS3, while I logged onto tumblr with no problem. I did follow some mahomie on tumblr so I would see pictures of Austin unexpected on my dashboard. I couldn't stop staring. I remembered what happened at the bowling alley. How I felt butterflies when he touched me, how his breath on my neck sent chills down my spines. How I feel weak when we make eye contact. HOW HE'S BEEN THE ONLY THING ON MY MIND FOR A WHILE.

That's it. I grew a crush on Austin. But. I can't. I shut my laptop off and went out on the hotel balcony where my view was the Miami beach and a full moon. I can't have a crush on Austin. He's been my best friend since the 2nd grade. Almost 10 years now. I don't want ruin the friendship we have. "I CAN'T!".

"You can't what?" Austin said behind me making me jump. People need to stop doing before I get a heart attack. "Uh, nothing." I said. "Nikki, are you okay? You've been acting a little off since I came back." he stated. "It's nothing", I said. "Tell me, you know you can trust me", he said walking and stood next to me. "If I told you, you wouldn't think of me the same way again," I sighed. "Just tell me! I won't judge you. I promise!"

I took a deep breath. I did trust Austin more than anything but it was about him. What if he stops talking to me. What if he begins to avoid me. THE FANS?! SHIT. I FORGOT HE WAS AUSTIN MAHONE. No longer my little dorky best friend since 2nd grade. He was an international pop singer who 3 millions of girls find attractive and would have sex with him in a nanosecond. I guess...I had fallen for Austin for who he's always been.


"I like you. Oh my god, I didn't mean to sound mean. I just like you. I like you. Oh god, now I sound pathetic. I knew I shouldn't have told you. Now, this makes things awkward. This will make our friendship awkward. I understand if you are planning to avoid me in the near future. I mean, I would. I'm just crazy about you, Austin. I think I've always been but I just now realized how much I actually like you. And it's okay if you don't feel the same way, I don't expect you too. I sound really stupid right now. Can you please ask Dave to take me home? This is so awkwa-"

He pressed his lips against mine. It was a really nice way to shut me up. It wasn't just a kiss. He pulled me by my waist and held me while he was leaning against the wall. Of course, I had to kiss back but I realized what we had just done. So, I broke the kiss.

"Nikki, I feel the exact same way. All of those love songs I've written about and you hear on the radio. I wrote them thinking about you. You're always on my mind 24/7. I've liked you for an awful long time, I just thought you wouldn't feel the same way and I would have ruined our friendsh-" I kissed him.

The crew found out about us the very second we walked back in. But, we all decided to keep it a secret for the media and fans and come out slowly.

After dating for 2 months, Austin decided to admit in an interview that he was in a relationship with me. Fans took it well, in fact, people actually shipped us. Everyone was happy. Especially me.

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