Save It ! part 3 (sad/cute)

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You were driving to the hospital and Alex was sitting next to you.

"He was very drunk and he fainted while he was walking down stairs.He broke his leg and he needed some stiches.(Y/N) he loves you and he would never cheat on you, he can't live without you."He said but you didn't say anything."Since you didn't pick up the phone he started drinking because he thought you hated him"

"I don't hate him,I love him" you said while parking the car near the hospital

Alex led you to Austin's room. Austin was lying on the bed, his arms were covered with bruises and his leg was bandaged.

"(y/n)?" his voice was so husky."I missed you and I though you hated..."

"I don't hate you" you said getting closer to the bed."I love you and I'm so sorry I shouldn't have treated you like that and you should have let you explain" you said and you felt your tears falling down your cheeks.

"shhh...come here" he said hugging you."It's ok...I love you and I will never hurt you so next time believe me" he said and kissed your cheeks and wiped your tears.

"I love you too" you whispered."Now you have to rest ok?" you told him and sat on the armchair that was next to his bed.

"Ok, but don't leave"he said closing his eyes.

"I won't" you said and you stroked his forehead.

Part 4???

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