Save It! (Sad)

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You were at his home watching a movie. You were cuddled, your head was resting on his shoulder and his hands on your hips.

" babe,so you want to go somewhere after the movie?" Austin asked.

"sure, where?"

"I dont know... the park and eat and ice cream there?"



"you look beautiful" he said while you were walking.

"thanks" you said blushing.

"You look really cute when you blush" he said and kissed you in your cheek.

As you turned your face when Austin kissed you, you saw a magazine someone was reading.

"Austin... what does that mean?" you said shaking.

Austin looked at the magazine it said Austin Mahone, the young singer, cheats on his girlfriend, Is it he end of their 2 years relationship?

"What that..."

"get off me" you screamed pushing him away.

"babe that's not true, someone took one of our pictures and photoshoped it" he explained but you didn't hear him. That girl of the photo wasn't you, her body wasn't like yours, you were shorter than her.

"SAVE IT!" you said turning around and you went home. It was over.

Part 2???

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